Goodbye “Hard but I guess I grew as a person but now I want easy happy times mmkay?” 2008

December 31, 2008

Okay, first 2008: I must acknowledge that you provided me ample opportunities to test my spiritual mettle. Whisking back and forth between hospital visits to my parents at various points this year gave me lots of time to reflect and pray. My having back surgery followed by a prolonged (and ongoing) between-jobs situation for Tim? Brilliant, 2008! We have chosen to grow closer as a result of the extra time spent together, me flat on my back physically, Tim flat on his back emotionally. I’m sure our deepened relationship is what you intended for us all the time.

And I must offer thanks, 2008, for how well Abby’s transition to a new school has gone. And for Rob and Dan having such wonderful friends. And for the fact that both my parents are still with us, no matter how dicey that looked at times.

And of course, 2008, you realized that truly being needy (emotionally and financially) would show Tim and me how very wonderful the people in our lives are. So thank you for that lesson.

But of course, we’ve managed to slip in a couple of less challenging moments, you taskmaster 2008! We did cruise and snorkel. We’ve eaten at some great places. We’ve laughed riotously with friends. We even watched some good TV behind your back, 2008. Sneaky little buggers, aren’t we?

But I must take issue, dear 2008, that you’re being a bit petty during these waning days of your empire. Despite the fact that the kids have a bazillion toys/games/books etc. could you have them do something else (ANYTHING else) other than pick, pick, pick at one another? And *must* two of my offspring have attitudes, or should I say ASSitudes that make me want to sell them on ebay? Is there some kind of hormonal surge in our family? And are you going to pass this information on to 2009? Because, really, I don’t think that’s fair play.

But I quibble, 2008. I can sit here on your last day and enumerate the many blessings that have come from the difficulties you brought me. So I think that’s an overall win for us both. But I won’t be sorry to see you go, dude. I’m sorry if that seems harsh, but I think we’re well past facades at this point, don’t you think? I will toast you tonight, friend, but I think it will be healthy for us to each move on. Put in a good word for me with 2009, won’t you?

Edited to add: Oh, 2008, how could have I doubted your tenacity?  How could I have thought that you wouldn’t give that last kick me in the crotch hurrah?  You remember the tooth?  The one that I had filled yesterday?  You know how my gum got increasingly swollen overnight to the point that people noticed my lower jaw was actually looking, well, huge-ish?  And the pain?  I went to the emergency dentist today (another whole post’s worth of material).   And…I need a root canal, which is just ducky from both a dental and financial perspective…it’s your last gift to me, isn’t it?  And since I can’t get the root canal done until 2009, it’s really the gift that keeps on giving.  I swear, if you and 2009 are in collusion — I know where you live, man, I know where you live!


One Response to “Goodbye “Hard but I guess I grew as a person but now I want easy happy times mmkay?” 2008”

  1. Erica said

    I don’t know if you look here anymore, or are on line at all, but I wanted to say that I miss you and haven’t seen you in forever and am worried about you and hope very much that you are well.

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