I couldn’t leave it exactly there…

December 22, 2008

…so this is just to quickly say…that I’m realizing that yes, God does provide in unexpected and even pretty wonderful ways.  Tim and I are not holding out tons of hope for any employment opportunities before Christmas or New Years at this point…but I am beginning to get to the place where I am hoping less in the job itself and more in God in the midst of this time of our lives.  And in God’s people who love us.  And while I’m weary of circumstances out the wazoo, I’m grateful to God at the same time.

Every difficult situation has the potential to do one of two things to a relationship:  strengthen it or shred it.  And right now I think we’re getting stronger.  That’s a pretty sizable Christmas gift right there.

And while I might not have the most enormous spontaneous Christmas spirit at this point — I’m excited about it for my kids’ sake and I know God to be good.  And I’m grateful that both my parents are here, since there were any number of times over 2008 that I doubted one or both would be.  So.  Onward.  And Merry Christmas.  Because, truly, if Jesus hadn’t chosen to come to this world to fulfill all that God the Father had for Him — well, then we’d be…a whole lot worse off than we are right now.  So thank you, God.  Must go to break up an argument between children!  Ah, the joys of Christmas break!


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