Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2008

I’m, of course, thankful for the usual: family, friends, food, etc.


I am thankful that my mom is here this Thanksgiving, because there have been any number of times this year that I thought that would not be the case.  And she looked good today, really really good.  I’m thankful that my back surgery is OVER and that any pain I’ve had has not been in the low back (where one of the removed discs was quote “so dessicated it was barely there” and I had bone rubbing bone, according to the surgeon), but more around the incision. This validates my reasons for surgery, you surgeons who looked at me like I was making it all up for the last six years! I am thankful that my boys have been learning about friendship, and have been really good, really good friends in their friend’s time of need. I’m thankful that the mom of one of Abby’s classmates called yesterday to arrange a play date for her daughter and Abby. I had literally been praying about that the moment before I listened to the message. I am thankful for Tim in ways that would take too long to enumerate here. It’s odd, to be incomeless this Thanksgiving, and still feel pretty okay (I’m not perfect about this, mind you), but God has been showing Himself in the situation, God has been giving us what we need — words and compassion and humor and such — so He must be here, you know? I am thankful for those friends that stand by and with us right now. We are blessed by you.


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