Completely and Hugely and Unbelievably…

November 14, 2008

…Overwhelmed by your generosity and visits, your friendship and meals, your hugs and comments…thank you. Inadequate as that sounds, we all thank you so very much.

I’ll have a longer post when I’m not so tired (ugh, the tiredness caused by the silliest stuff– such as walking from the bedroom to the family room, which is not like, you know, marathon distance), but a couple of thoughts.

  • Don’t have spinal fusion surgery. I mean really, don’t. Not unless you’ve tried every other option (which I had). I have never felt pain like I have this past week. Holy stinking wow. Still wow. Over a week out and I feel almost as good as I did in the recovery room after other surgeries.
  • God has been good in the little things — I had a roommate the first night, which was frankly kind of a pain, but there was no way I was going to sleep much that night regardless. But the lady who had had surgery and her husband were so nice. Yeah, they snored — I mean snored, snored, snored and don’t ask me how on earth they both managed to sleep in that tiny half of the room on the other side of the curtain. The husband bought me 2 diet cokes — without my asking him — he apparently just realized that Riverside struggled to meet the needs of its diet coke consumers. But seriously? Riverside must have some kind of stock in Sierra Mist. Blech. A pox on Sierra Mist.
  • I am apparently one heck of lot of fun, or at least super super interesting when I’m high. A couple jewels that fell from my mouth during my hospital stay: “Depending on the budget, maybe we’ll TP the cars.” or “I wonder how many gay married couples there are in Westerville.” (and honestly, no I’ve never actually contemplated this) And my personal favorite: “They won’t have to do the cavity searches.” (this apparently from my X files high?) A little Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, my friends.
  • On that note, a special call-out to those of you who visited and/or managed me in the hospital when I was in way too much pain and on way too many drugs to be anywhere close to my right mind.  Sorry, sister-in-law, Amy, who arrived at the apex of pain and drug confusion when I was apparently shouting and sobbing.  She was lovely and non-judgmental, which probably comes from being a nurse and seeing people way worse off than me.  My dad, who HATES HATES hospitals, yet came every single day to check on me.  Kathryn who stayed ridiculously late on Thursday to help me to fall asleep.  Tracy who, God BLESS her, helped find me a comfortable side sleeping position on Friday night before I about died of lack of sleep, and her daughter, Michelle, whose presence I apparently have no memory of.  Sweetie, I hope I didn’t say anything too awfully bad to scar your young mind.  And god, for all I know, many more of you might have been there.  For all I know, every member of my life past and present, were in full costume for Les Miserables and sang opera, but if you came on Thursday I have no freaking idea, so shaky is my memory of that day.  But I bet you guys rocked it.
  • Tim is still in job hunt mode (or more accurately, not being paid mode). Mostly I’m just thankful that he’s been here this week, and I’m choosing to view it as God’s provision. But still…really, really working and praying to hold panic at bay. There are some Columbus potentials, so those of you who pray, please keep it up!
  • My daughter’s Southwestern Native American project may kill her (and me by extension of course, which seems like kind of a shame after all the crap I’ve been through to get my back better). There’s been some major communication issues from school as to what’s due when, and Abby and I have been frustrated beyond measure.
  • I continue to believe that I am getting and will keep getting better from this surgery. Any pain I’ve had (did I mention I’ve had pain? and my surgeon is just a tad stingy with the better drugs!) has been markedly different from my pre-surgical pain. I take this as a good sign. I think (going out on a limb here) that I have pain because I have this ginormous metal contraption holding up a portion of my spine. This seems a somewhat reasonable inference to me.
  • I’m a grouchy and lousy patient but I’m really trying. Inexplicably, I’ve been watching re-runs of ER in the mornings. Now there’s a real upper for you. If you didn’t think your own life completely and utterly stunk, then try watching the soul-sucking that is the life on the doctors and nurses on ER. That’ll make you feel merry as all crap, let me assure you. How you can be that good looking and feel that much angst, I don’t know.
  • Someday (maybe?) I’ll be interesting again.
  • Gosh, thanks. Really. Y’all have made me feel loved. And awful well fed to boot.

One Response to “Completely and Hugely and Unbelievably…”

  1. There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here.

    I’m Out! 🙂

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