The many details and miscellany that will by their nature, be bullet-pointed

November 4, 2008

Okay. 1 day to surgery and counting.

  • In the world’s crappiest timing, Tim’s company has decided that despite the fact they committed to him for at least a year — well, you know, they changed their calendar and they don’t so much need him. So Friday is his last day with this company. Now, he’s still with his consulting company, just not with his client, which means that he will be on the bench until his consulting company finds something else. Yeah, the timing here….but we’ve been here before and both God and the consulting company have come through. So I’m trying to stand where God would have me and trust. A friend of mine asked me yesterday, “What would trusting God look like in this situation?” I’m thinking it would look like someone who was moving forward and believing that God is good, whether my feelings match that belief. So I’m trying, not always succeeding, but trying.
  • For reasons I don’t understand, Abby doesn’t have school today. See above for timing…but I’m trying to view it as a good thing and an opportunity to spend time with her. The boys view her unexpected day off as the greatest injustice in all of life.
  • I call today after 2:00 to find out my surgery time — I’ll update later when I know the time. Oh, please no postponement!
  • People have made me feel very loved over these last few days. Friends have bought me books, offered meals and prayers, have helped me with laundry and cleaning….I’m grateful.
  • Much, much to do today. More later.

Edited to add:  Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 tomorrow morning!  Yay that I got the morning slot and so far, it has not been canceled.  My gosh, I think it’s going to happen…thanks in advance for prayers.


4 Responses to “The many details and miscellany that will by their nature, be bullet-pointed”

  1. I am so sorry to hear Tim is temp. out of work. It seems like God has always provided for you and your family and that you have never went without. We will be praying for your surgery. Let us know what needs have not been met and we can see if we can cover them. Whether it’s meals, books, errands, whatever. *Please* let me know! You can borrow my copy of Mind Over Matters if you would like.

  2. kb_freud said

    So, we’re LATE to finding out this news. How are you (seriously, tell the truth)? Do you need anything (we’re not far away; we can help)? I/we can shop, cook, laundry, etc… email/ call if you need help (please?). In the meantime, we’ll be praying for you, for Tim, and for the kids too.

  3. nikkip said

    i’ve been thinking about you a lot today. hope you’re recovering well. i’ll see you on saturday with some dinner.

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