Catching up in odds and ends (or yes I’m too lazy for paragraphs AGAIN)

March 12, 2008

  • On the parental health front: my mom WAS in the hospital two weeks ago, and is home again and rebounding somewhat again. Her hemoglobin levels have been low, but have been holding better than they were. We have changed oncologists, not because her former doctor hasn’t served her well, but because at this stage, the new (younger than me — gah! I’m getting old!) one seems more upfront and compassionate.
  • We weathered the snow this weekend, and the kids had a complete blast building an awesome snow fort that was so extensive and cool that strangers would stop their walks and chat up my children as to the awesomeness of their architectural skills.
  • My children, two of whom have had colds and didn’t make it to school today, have been home entirely too much. I’m getting a little bit of the crazy. And I think that I’ll have at least one home tomorrow again.
  • My whole family seems to have a case of the winter blahs. School? They.are.not.enthused.
  • Dan has been reading books from school — actual books as opposed to the phonics readers (don’t get me started). I love the lilt in his voice as he reads, sometimes forgetting to change his intonation at sentence breaks.
  • God smiled on me this weekend, as our troop had a Cookie booth planned for Saturday that had to be canceled. And yes, I got the requests for Cookies and should be able to get you those ASAP. And Kristen, wonderful Kristen, commented on my blog!
  • A dear friend’s (we’ve known each other since I was Abby’s age) father passed away on Friday. He was an awesome man, a great dad, and had suffered immeasurably for so many years.
  • My cat is ready for the children to be back in school. All of the children. Now.
  • I feel entirely wrung out from the last months, for a whole variety of reasons. Not only do I have a touch of the crazy, I think I’m developing a case of the grumpy too. I’m desperate for the fun and easy parts of life (remember those?). If anyone has ideas for fun, unadulterated fun — I’m open.

2 Responses to “Catching up in odds and ends (or yes I’m too lazy for paragraphs AGAIN)”

  1. Julie said

    I have an idea for fun…a bottle of liquor and your bitter sister in law…now that would be fun!!! Or, take the day off and spend it at my house reading, eating and doing whatever else you want to do with no one bothering you, well Lacey might bother you but there is nothing better then getting unconditional love from a dog:) Now that is fun day!!!!

  2. Brian said

    Send the kids to school.
    Come hold my baby.
    I’ll give you a fancy cookie to eat that is home made.

    Call first, we’re going to weigh the baby on Monday morning.


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