Because I’m just a girl who can’t say no…

February 21, 2008

…I pick up Cookies (yes those Cookies) tomorrow. At 10:25. At the North location. I have received numerous deadly serious (and thus hilarious to me) e-mails. Apparently, Jesus Himself could make a request for a change of pick up time and Council would not grant it. Apparently it took folks at Council an agonizingly long time to come up with the current schedule, and thus, said schedule is set in cement. Too bad if you as the Cookie Mom Troop Product Sales Manager requested the wrong time — you WILL pick up your Cookies at your assigned time. Or else. (Or else, what really? But as usual, I digress.)

My favorite line from the aforementioned e-mails: “Council has not yet finalized traffic flow.” Somehow, this makes me picture various members of Council (all in black with masks to cover their true identities) with little glow wands, arranging and re-arranging orange cones, and shouting at oncoming cars: “Cookies, Cookies, Cookies! Over here Dammit!”

And if you, dear reader, have forgotten to order your Cookies (and though there are no Golden Yangles, Andy, there are new Cookies called Lemon Cremes. Tempting, isn’t it?), you can let me know and I will pick more up at the Cookie Warehouse Cupboard. Just for you. Because I’m nice like that.

Our troop has 22 fewer cases ordered this year (only 109), which will actually make little difference in the obstacle course that will become my living room for the next few weeks. At least the cat should enjoy all the boxes. Sorry in advance if your Cookies contains Cat Hair.


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