A good update for once

February 9, 2008

Abby is home, barf free at the moment.  I won’t go into the details about how the GI doctors who promised me that they would help care for her in the ER are all lying liars that lie.  But the actual ER doctors did pretty well (though I had to explain the diagnosis to the 25 year old resident who hadn’t slept in like 74 hours, but you know, these things are par for the course).  She felt much better yesterday, so much better that she began talking.  And talking.  And then talking some more.  It’s like she saves up all these thoughts while barfing, and then the exact moment the nausea leaves her, she’s like a balloon with the air seeping out, her words tumbling over one another almost faster than she can form them.  But God love her, it was good to hear her voice.

My dad is being released from the hospital today.  So yay on that.

And really, I am glad for the above facts.  I’m just…weary.  Tim is still in between jobs (and God love him, but he’s not in the best of moods today, and why would he be?), and financial matters are pressing (and pressing).  But God is good.  He’s been good and He will be good.  Hanging on to those truths for dear life!


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