Thanks to…

February 7, 2008

  • John for posting about our situation — do you know that you tripled my traffic in one day, my friend?
  • Deneen for the most lovely card ever.  Ever.  I will hold up faith for you too, anytime you need.
  • Kate and Eric for wonderful food at the absolutely perfect time.  Yum.
  • Tracy for dragging my sorry butt to the oral surgeon and the oral surgeon for removing the tooth (though unlike the rest of you, he got paid for his time!).
  • The countless numbers of you propping us up in prayer.  We feel it.  Really, really.

Tim has an interview today, so more prayers for today are appreciated.  My dad’s heart was shocked back into rhythm yesterday — successfully, thankfully.  The hospital is keeping him a couple of days to monitor his medication, and then should send him home.  He will have to wait a couple of weeks for surgery to get completely off the blood thinners because he can’t have major surgery while on blood thinners.  My mom goes to the James today for blood counts and a meeting with her doctor, who may (hopefully?) have some answer as to why her hemoglobin keeps plummeting.

The tooth (or where the tooth was) hurts a bit, but in comparison, it’s infinitely better.  Dr. Uhle, the endodontist, is a most wonderful man, who said to me Monday, “Of course, I’m concerned for your tooth, but I’m more concerned for you as a patient.”  Wow.

And last night I was reading a book about women in the persecuted church, women whose suffering is on such a different plane than my own, that I almost feel shame for even complaining.  And you know what — almost uniformly — seems to help these women as they suffer unspeakable horrors?  Worshiping the Lord.  Singing to him in the night.  Continuing to remind themselves that God is sovereign, and that though this world’s circumstances may never change for them, neither will God’s all powerful love and reassurance.  Neither will heaven.  All and all, it’s pretty constructive thinking.

Thanks again to ALL.  Love to you.


3 Responses to “Thanks to…”

  1. You’re welcome. We love you guys.

  2. Oh, and if you really want to increase your blog traffic? Post a link to my “True Facts About Barack Obama” thingy. I still get 50 hits a day from that one…

  3. Erica said

    OK, good, but, I’m still worried about you.
    I want to do something for you, but, I’ll be honest, I’ve got nothin’.
    I’ve got a class I need to take tomorrow and Saturday, Sunday to catch up, work all week, and then I make three dinners for other people next weekend. And also, I have to keep this baby in IN!

    What if you guys came over HERE for dinner? I could make your kids plain white rice! I could make the rest of us something to PUT ON IT!

    That would be the best I could do, and I don’t feel like it would be helpful.
    But if it would, I hope you would take me up on it. The cooking isn’t the bother. It’s the driving it over to your house. That’s me being honest.

    Also, just a thought, but, when my aunt was in her last six months of life, the Lord took away her husband’s job. The two of them (unknowingly) spent the last six months of their marriage just hanging out and enjoying each other and dealing with their respective illnesses. I’m not saying that I think Tim is going to die, but it occurred to me that God may be switching his job now so that he can be with you a little bit more during this time of stress.

    That was a really stupid paragraph. I’m going to stop, now, when I’m …. behind.

    In her own twisted way,

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