In praise of endodontists that call you back and come in on a Sunday to help you even if they don’t know you from Adam

February 4, 2008

Yes, the tooth got worse. Whole lotta worse — worse like someone sticking a rusty railroad spike in my mouth. It seems fitting that after my complaining entry, I should find at least a few things for which I can be thankful. I am mightily thankful to the endodontist that I called yesterday for calling me back, calling me again this morning to check on me, and then coming in to his office to re-root-canal my tooth, which, indeed was full of icky infection and needed immediate assistance.

I am thankful to my friend Tracy who made me call said endodontist and then drove me there and waited the two hours while he excavated the aforementioned ickiness from my tooth.

I am thankful for my kids who laid their sweet hands on me and prayed for my pain.

I am thankful to my husband who hung in there today, despite being very sick himself — the man as a fever of 103 and he never gets sick like this. He’s going to the doctor tomorrow morning ASAP, and hey, one of the advantages of not currently having a job is that he doesn’t have to miss work, right? Right?

I am thankful that my mom has had a good weekend and that in her words, if she feels good enough to stagger from the car to the restaurant, then she might just as well have someone else do the cooking. Love.That.Woman.

I am thankful for narcotics. And antibiotics.

I am thankful that my boys went to bed tonight without a fight, despite having to miss some of the Super Bowl.

I am thankful for people in my home group who always make me laugh and who are starting to know me, warts and all, and still seem to want me back (if not, they fake it well and I take it where I can get it).

Still a lot to worry about, but I’m trying really really hard not to worry, what with God saying that it’s a sin and all. Plus, it’s unproductive as all crap. It’s just that I’m so very good at it.

Definitely covet the prayers of others — for Tim’s health, for my parents of course, for a ridiculously quick resolution to the job stuff for Tim, etc. etc. etc.

But wow, am I ever thankful for endodontists.


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