Another bullet-pointer

January 10, 2008

  • To those of you who have been wondering, yes, Dan has survived another crushing Buckeye loss. Though I did have to call Tim at work Tuesday morning (really) to talk Dan out of the bunk bed, because he had decided that he was never going to school again. Dan’s theory on next year? He would like to see us “get a quarterback with some feet,” whatever the hell that means.
  • My mom’s hemoglobin was a whopping 11.7 on Monday morning. That’s what 8 units of blood will do for you, I guess.
  • I’m still trudging along with my Cookie Mom Troop Product Sales Manager duties. For the love of all that is good and holy, don’t let me do this next year. Handcuff me to a radiator in September and tape my mouth shut with duct tape — whatever it takes.
  • Today I encountered a couple of moms who typified for me what I despise about…well, everything. I think that perhaps smugness is my least favorite quality in other humans. Luckily, I am never smug. Ever. About anything…But these moms were talking about issues like birthing and breast feeding and potty training and schooling as though they had the single correct way of “mommying.” I think I’ve heard it described elsewhere as the Sanctimommy Syndrome (and howdy, do I wish that I had coined that phrase). The older I get, the more I am beginning to get this one fundamental truth: none of us really, really knows what we’re doing most of the time. There now, I’ve said it. Embrace this truth and take a deep breath — don’t you feel better? This is not to say that we have no confidence in our parenting (at times), or that we have no moral absolutes to which we ascribe. But applying them to our individual children? It’s tough and much of the time, we’re flying by the seats of our pants. And so many of the issues about which these women were yammering? Who cares? You want to co-sleep with your infant? Go for it. The very idea of co-sleeping makes your head spin around and your sanity take a nose dive? Then don’t. Breast feed your kid until she’s ten if you want, but what’s the point in criticizing the mom who chose to bottle feed? I just wish that mothers often didn’t seem to feel the need to tear down the decisions of other mothers. While all parenting decisions aren’t created equal to be sure, a great many of them have little to no real life impact. Instead, let’s teach our kids to be…oh I don’t know? Kind? (steps off soap box)
  • Speaking of kindness, wow are we working on this issue with one of our lovely offspring. We’re trying to teach that in fact, the tongue is a fire, and we can catch people on fire with words. Oh, how I’m trying to teach my child of the many words I wish that I could un-say.
  • Tomorrow, I turn 40. Wow. I don’t feel that old. I feel like I could be a really good 25 year old about now — I could make all sorts of good and wise 25 year old choices. But I guess I’m going to have to try to make good 40(!) year old choices.

14 Responses to “Another bullet-pointer”

  1. Holy shit. You’re old.

    Oh, I mean, Happy Birthday.

    BTW, you can blame me (indirectly) for the cookie job. I gave you a GLOWING review…

  2. Tim said

    I knew I hated you. Now I know why.

    And you’re not all that young yourself, mister. Remember, whatever crap you give me, I get to give right back to you in a couple of short short short years.

    Oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes.

  3. Beth said

    And why did Tim change my settings? Gah, I AM getting old.

  4. kjames said

    happy birthday!!!! we should go out to celebrate sometime!

    those women? gah. that’s all i can say. this comment about raising kids: “The older I get, the more I am beginning to get this one fundamental truth: none of us really, really knows what we’re doing most of the time.” AMEN! preach it! it’s so so true.

    i think yours and my complete belief in the fact that we don’t know what the hell we’re doing bonded us together from the start. implements, anyone? 😀

  5. Beth said

    I find someone (i.e. you) admitting that you don’t know what the hell we’re doing MUCH more refreshing than the above-mentioned mommies! 😀 And don’t you think that it’s this very admission that makes us so very cool (but never smug!)?

    And yes, celebration! I love celebration! Esp. with you.

  6. Liz said

    happy birthday!!! i hope that your year is blesses with comfort and joy and peace and the deep deep deep knowledge of how much God loves you!

  7. Beth,

    As I told my parents: the day I stop making fun of your age is the day you know you’re really old.

    I mean, I never make fun of Kori’s grandma’s age, ’cause, well, she really is old.

    Oh, and yes, I know I’m not that far behind. Trust me. I feel it in every ancient bone.

  8. Beth said


    This is from me Tracy. I’m not sure why it says your name but maybe it is because I am using your computer.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday!!!! Believe me turning forty isn’t that bad. It just means that you are getting wiser. I mean look at me at 46, I’ve gotten as wise as an old (very old) owl.

    Hope that you have a great day and just remember that Saturday we are eating at an Iron Chef’s restaurant. Oh, we are sad little people.



  9. Iron Chef’s restaurant? Do tell!

  10. Beth said

    Thanks for the sweet comments, y’all. And can I say, Liz, you leave the most wonderful kind comments? Bless you!!

    Tracy is taking me to Lolita’s in Cleveland — it’s one of Michael Simon’s (the new Iron Chef) restaurants. And yum! I’m looking forward to it. I think the website is You can look up the menu, etc. I’m planning on having lots of fun — we’re also going to check out some book stores in Cleveland too — heaven for me — good food and good books!

  11. Julie Workman said

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

  12. Julie Workman said

    Hi Beth,
    I missed seeing you yesterday at girls group. I just wanted to check in on you and see how you were doing. Maybe I’ll see you Sunday!

    Take Care,

  13. Ginette said

    You crack me up. I can just hear you as I read it. I just got done listening to Temperance cry herself to sleep (gulp! sniff!) and the entire time I wanted to run up and say “To heck with this!” and rock her back to sleep.
    I miss you guys! I miss everyone at homegroup. Although I saw in the bulletin that you are starting your own. That’s great! That’s what we’re going to do, partly because right now we can’t go anywhere as a family in the evenings. It’s been kinda lonely. But T is great and growing so fast!

  14. Ginette said

    Oh and a belated happy birthday wish! John’s getting ready to celebrate his in a few months.

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