Various and Sundry

December 17, 2007

I may never use paragraphs again. Life doesn’t happen in paragraphs, you know? Because that would imply that one aspect of life seamlessly flowed into another. As one of my lovely offspring would put it, “Snah, I don’t think so!” So, to bullet point it all out once again:

  • My dad saw the ENT who wants him to have an MRI done of his sinuses (my dad’s, not the ENT’s)…yeah that shouldn’t take long to schedule. I say this semi-seriously — but I’m afraid the poor man’s going to have heart failure before the doctors quit passing the buck to decide when he can have this freakin’ surgery.
  • Yesterday Abby and her friend presented us with one of their endless supply of original plays (Gah, when can you as the parent say, “Kid, this is killin’ me.”). Abby was a member of the Nazi youth and she turned her friend in, only to feel guilty later, which led her to help her friend escape the concentration camp. Where do they get these ideas?
  • Rob has strep throat, but luckily we got the antibiotic in him, so that he can go to school tomorrow for his field trip.
  • Abby has a test on the Revolutionary War this week, and when I was quizzing her about Sam Adams’ contribution, she said, “Well, I know he has a beer named after him.” Awesome.
  • Tonight, well tonight, internet, I have a confession…I’m going…well, um…to the ah, um, Cookie Meeting, which would, I guess imply that I am going to be Cookie Mom again. Apparently, the drugs were working really well on the day I said I would do it again. And this year, The Girl Scouts (I’m just practicing my caps, I’ve gotten a little Rusty) performed a Background Check on all their Volunteers. Hopefully, they won’t discover well, the drugs, and those teensy little “problems” I had with minors (Heavens, I’m just kidding Council, just Kidding). Oh, and I’m not Cookie Mom, I’m officially the Troop Product Sales Manager. Yeah, I really really love my kid. And no one else volunteered. And crap, the learning curve for this job is about sixty miles long, so it seems like a waste to have a person receive the training one year, only to put forth for the firing line another person the next year. Oh hell, it was the drugs working, okay?

5 Responses to “Various and Sundry”

  1. Do you know that the Girl Scouts Bureau of Personnel Matters called me and grilled me about you for about 15 minutes? Apparently someone put me down as a reference…

  2. Beth said

    Oops, should have told you that. Hope you didn’t tell them the truth about me.

  3. Oh, I’m afraid I did.

  4. And I told them that you wanted MORE responsibility.

  5. Beth said

    I know who I’ll be calling on to count the 1,583 boxes of Cookies. Nice use of the caps, by the way.

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