Up and down dates

December 6, 2007

Item the first: My dad’s surgery is NOT today because he has still been coughing up junk, and the general feeling is that one’s lungs should, in fact, be clear when one is put on the heart-lung machine and then taken back off it. Picky, picky, picky…he has an appointment with an ENT in the next week or so, who will give us insight as to when exactly he can be cleared for surgery. At this point, we’re anticipating a time after the first of the year, though the surgeon has assured him that surgery will be done as soon as possible. So…again, we wait. And golly, waiting is fun.

Item the second: I survived my procedures (as is probably obvious, since I’m posting). I remember the wee-est tiny bit from the beginning of the colonoscopy; however, my only thought was, “Huh, I wonder why nothing hurts and this isn’t bothering me in the least.” And then I was, blessedly, OUT. Sorry for any blindness (Kori) that my previous post caused. In short, yes, I have reflux, and yes, I should keep taking medicine for it, but no, nothing appears more serious than that. My colonoscopy showed that everything in that particular nether region is fine, though the doctor did note that I appear to eat a lot of popcorn. (Rim shot. Sorry, I couldn’t resist just one more disgusting visual.)

Item the third: Preparation for a colonoscopy — the pills that cause what is euphemistically called the “cleanse” and the 24 hour liquid diet — is no fun whatsoever. All that is way worse than the actual procedure, especially the waking up at 2:00 a.m. to ingest yet more of the pills for further “cleansing.”

Item the fourth: I love me some good drugs. I slept all afternoon yesterday. Yay me.

Item the fifth: Somehow, somehow, I must find a way to get myself less stressed, less in hit-the-panic-button-at-any-given-moment-because-my-parents-might-need-me mode, and try to enjoy — not just tolerate, but enjoy — the holidays with my kids and the rest of my family and friends.. On the plus side, I power shopped last weekend in preparation for my dad’s surgery, so I have very little left to buy.

Item the sixth: Tomorrow is our 17th (!!!) wedding anniversary.

Item the final: Thanks all for your prayers and support.


3 Responses to “Up and down dates”

  1. Liz said

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 17TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!! In today’s society in and out of churches that is sure something to celebrate! You mentioning the drugs for the colonoscopy reminded of when I went with my mom to have hers and her pastor Chad took us since I do not drive well she was getting dressed after the procedure and was well very medicated plus a little bit of medication goes a long way with mom anyway….Chad came back to see if we were ready to go home and I said no just a few more minutes and Mom said oh tell him he can come in and I was glad he waited for me to say NO becaue Mom was just in her panties and trying to get her bra on…we all would have been SO embarrassed.

  2. Julie Workman said


    And thanks for the popcorn thing….your last post didn’t bother me, but the popcorn- yeah, thanks!

  3. amanda said

    17 years?! wow.
    am impressed.

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