Well, crap.

November 13, 2007

My dad is sick with a sinus infection. And this means that surgery can’t be done this week because of risk of infection to the heart valve. So…we’re in wait and see mode to see what the surgeon wants to do to reschedule. I mean, heavens, the surgery is plenty risky without factoring in the additional risk of the new valve(s) getting infected (which kind of kills you). I keep trying to believe that there must be a reason, that God is in control and all that. My poor mom is about to have a nervous breakdown. Here they’ve been psyching themselves up for the surgery — and now we’re going to have to put it off. I take my mom to her oncology appointment on Thursday, and she’s due to start a new medicine, so maybe she’ll feel better with it, which will make her stronger?

Nothing else of great note around here. I’ve been sick, Rob was sick, and now Abby has the bronchial cough snot snuffle stuff now. (That kind of sounds like a dance step. “And cough snot snuffle to your left!”)

I’m weary. And I feel like having the holidays happen about as much as I feel like having a hot rod shoved up my…well, you know. And Ohio State’s loss hit our family hard, as those of you who know Dan might imagine. Saturday night was rough — full of Dan sobbing and pounding the floor and pacing and muttering, “Why, God, why?” — but he’s recovering nicely. By Sunday he was telling us that he still loves his Buckeyes and he’s proud of the season they’ve had. Real progress over the week-long funk after the national championship debacle. I think that he’s learning the Buckeye fan mantra of “There’s always next year.”

Abby’s had a Robin Hood PROJECT (yes, the caps are necessary) to do (Beware my friends: fourth grade is full of projects. I’ve already soaked loads of paper in tea to make parchment for her Middle Ages project, a time during which I prayed for the Black Death to take me, but to no avail.). Abby and I are either really really good about doing these kinds of things together or…not. She’s had to make a Robin Hood game board and come up with rules, etc. for the game. Now, anybody knows that my ideas would be faaaar superior to hers and my vision more sophisticated, but dammit she kept insisting on making it her project. Whatever. I thought that we might come to actual blows a couple of times over the weekend. But I let her prevail, and guess what? It looks like a fourth grader did it instead of a fourth grader’s mother. Luckily I’m not a control freak. Stop laughing. It’s rude.

And Rob has been involved in no more conflagrations at school. So that’s something.

So…I guess pray for health for my dad and pray for the soonest safest re-scheduled time. Crap.


2 Responses to “Well, crap.”

  1. Liz said

    CRAP what a mess about your dad being sick and having to postpone what already was a very trying situation. Please do something REALLY GOOD for you!

  2. Evelyn said

    I’ve already “discussed” (by e-mail) the dad-situation with Tim so I’m not ignoring it. And I remember how Julie suffered when her back surgery was postponed just a day or two before it was scheduled. At least this is for your dad’s benefit, not the surgeon’s (probably doesn’t help your folks much, but it makes me feel better.)

    But what I want to say is that I give you 5 gold stars for letting Abby’s project be done by a fourth-grader and not the fourth-grader’s mother. (And don’t think the teacher doesn’t know the difference.) I annually assigned a rock collection (5 stones, neatly labeled) and once received a lovely, commercially produced box from The Rock Store. What were those parents thinking?????

    Let’s talk about lightening the holiday load when we get together on Thanksgiving.

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