Bad news confirmed

October 30, 2007

Someday this blog may, no WILL be about stuff other than my own family crises.

But, according to the oral surgeon, my mom does have osteonecrosis of the jaw.  She has two places of exposed bone behind her bottom teeth.  Bone exposure is kind of the defining standard for making the diagnosis

So, onward to the appointment with the dental specialist.  There’s nothing to do per se, except try to hold it where it is right now.  Prayer is good because God never ceases to surprise me.


3 Responses to “Bad news confirmed”

  1. kjames said

    i will pray. sucky news, beth. i’m so sorry.

  2. kate whitman said

    Where is the mack truck? I am so sorry. I likewise will pray.

  3. bethkoruna said

    Oh, the mack truck is already down the street, the imprint of my body etched into the tire!

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