Before All Hell Breaks Loose (BAHBL)

October 27, 2007

My dad’s heart surgery is scheduled for Friday, November 16 (yes the day before the Michigan game, much to his chagrin and frustration). So everything between now and then is categorized as BAHBL.


  • I will get Christmas shopping done. For my kids and friends. And most especially, for my parents. I mean, I’m doing their shopping for them. And cards. I need to get cards. And crap, we need a Christmas tree (fake because of the kids’ asthma, and frankly, because I get too damn cold in Christmas tree lots listening to my children argue) because the top of last year’s tree kind of fell off and broke down and we threw it out. It was, however, “trash-picked” by a guy in a huge topsoil truck. Watching this guy struggle to get the tree box into the passenger seat of the truck cab was truly worth the cost of a new tree.
  • I must gather a list of what my brother is euphemistically called skilled nursing facilities, despite the fact that my father is refusing to consider said option (apparently my desire for him to do this has been read as my not loving him and wanting him to die….okaaay…believe me, if I wanted him dead, I could do it easier than this). I want to have this at the ready in case it becomes necessary.
  • I will get my children’s drawers completely switched from summer to winter clothes. And perhaps pick up some long sleeved shirts for my daughter, as she has, oh, three that fit. Must remember to put bricks on my children’s heads to prevent their growth. And maybe I should give them cigarettes.
  • I want to get the house as thoroughly organized as possible, though this fights against every natural instinct and ability I have.
  • I must take my parents to a myriad of appointments (pre-surgery, oncology, oral surgeon, etc.). I’m livin’ large, I tell ya!
  • I should probably plan some meals for my mom while my dad is in the hospital, so that she eats more than the occasional Wendy’s Frosty. And then some meals that following week once he comes home. Any of you foolish friends who say things like, “What can I do to help?” — I’m rubbing my hands together! Seriously, I think that this is a great opportunity to show my parents the love of the body of Christ. Because let’s face it, love = food.
  • I need to find substitutes for children’s ministry (6-10 year old teachers) for the last two weeks of November. One Sunday is two days after my dad’s surgery, when he very well may need his bitchy and stubborn vocal and assertive daughter as his medical advocate at the hospital, and the other is probably the day he’ll come home. So. Any takers are welcome there.
  • Must keep clinging to God.

I can’t think of anything else right now to do BAHBL. But I’m sure I’m forgetting important things…


5 Responses to “Before All Hell Breaks Loose (BAHBL)”

  1. Liz said

    I will pray often….what else can I do? I would need rides to and from unless I get Mainstream and could hang out with the kids if wanted or needed….Dollar Tree has some at least the last time I was there some really cool Christmas cards…please take great care of yourself. I was thinking that Elenore would be a great person to check out some rehab places even if your dad is against it….my stepdad had a really great care at Arlington Court…also Whetstone gives really good care I have heard just some ideas.

  2. Brian Carlson said

    I can do a meal on a Saturday. It has to be a Saturday, though, or maybe a Sunday. Otherwise, I won’t have any awake time in the kitchen or the car to prepare and deliver it.

    You should count on any meal I make being for you and your husband as well. I don’t know what I would cook for your kids … do they eat meatloaf? Sloppy joes? fajitas? thai food? there’s rice with thai food … what about rice? But I could send food for you as well so that you wouldn’t have to cook for that day either. Ooo! Marbella! I’ve been itchin’ to make chicken marbella, I’ll bet you and your mom and Tim would like it, and I serve it with rice! You are supposed to prepare it in large quantities and it’s mega easy but super fancy good. OK. I’m making you and your mom marbella on the Saturday night of your choosing. Just let me know which.


  3. Beth said

    Liz — prayer is great, great, great. We need some prayer warriors! And good ideas, both about Eleanor and about Dollar Tree. Thanks much.

    Erica — I’ve heard such good things about your food — heck, you could make us anything at all and I’d be honored! I’ll take you up on that — maybe the Saturday/Sunday right after his surgery or the Saturday/Sunday he’s home. THANK you! We can e-mail dates. Did I say THANK you??

  4. Liz said

    I talked with Eleanor and she said that Whetstone is the best in the area so you might want to check it out. I missed you and the family at church today…am hoping things are alright and perhaps you all had a relaxing morning. I will be praying.

  5. Erica said

    Yes, e’mail me dates. I think you can click on my name for this comment which should send a letter to my e’mail. I think this will work.

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