Because the term “skeevy pervert” has been going through my mind all day long

October 19, 2007

I will not name the establishment. Can you imagine the lewd and nauseating hits this blog would get if I did?

I will however give you this link.

Understand that this establishment is right on the way to my children’s school, that this establishment is within about 200 yards of my children’s school and right across the street from a McDonald’s and Home Depot (each a business one would consider fairly normal family fare, right?). It’s also in the same parking lot as an urgent care, where people may well take their children, as well as a karate studio, where people definitely take their children.

When this establishment went under a different — yet equally uncreative — name, my sons asked me to explain what “that place” is. And so I did. I explained that sometimes men make very bad choices that go against what God would have them do, and then they choose to look at women dancing with little to no clothing. I don’t lie to my kids and I don’t sugar-coat with vagueness. Luckily, my two seven year olds are still at the age where, “Yeewwww!” was their primary reaction. As it should be for all of us.

This morning, in the drive through line at the aforementioned McDonald’s (hey, a girl needs her Diet Coke), I noticed construction across the street and then I saw IT. I’m no great measurer, but I have to estimate that this sign is 15 feet long and is set off the ground to be about 10 feet high — and it is about 30 feet from the actual establishment. It has hot pink neon lettering. And? A huge silhouette of a naked woman lying atop the letters with her legs dangling down, so that a triangle is formed right at the location of her privates…niiiiiice.

A couple of things come to mind here:

  • I feel virtually certain that the owners of this establishment are within the Columbus laws for signage and the like. I suspect that these people thrive on the very fringe of the laws and have not a care for the impact such an image has on others. I will look into this, but I bet, just bet, from a legal standpoint, that there’s very little to be done.
  • Just because these owners may be unable to be stopped legally speaking, does it mean that we should not have a sense of outrage at the sheer ickiness of this? Does it mean that there may not be a level of moral approbation that can be enacted? What is to prevent someone, anyone, from taking pictures of the vehicles in the parking lot and publishing those pictures on the internet? (Maybe this is illegal? Golly, I hope not.) How many people can bug the poor soul whose job it is to deal with issues of signage at the City of Columbus Department of Development? What can we do to bring shame where shame is due?
  • There is a certain sick humor about the sign. Without the naked woman atop the sign, would people really not know that it’s a strip club? Is this kind of like the picture of the little guy walking across the street that appears on a crosswalk sign? So are the owners saying that in addition to being skeevy perverts, their patrons can’t read? Does someone drive by and say to his buddy, “Hey, look Jimbo, I thought that establishment was just a restaurant, but NOW I know I can get me a lap dance!”?**
  • It does not take a series of dissertations in Women’s Studies to determine that these places fundamentally exploit young women who, for whatever reason, have a need for more money than they can make elsewhere. The United States may not have as formalized a sex trade as some other countries, but this kind of establishment turns women into commodities. I venture to say that very few (if any) of these women want to work here, but that they lack either age, education or experience to get paid as well anywhere else. Young and beautiful women. Women created in the very image of God. If we do anything good here, I wonder if there’s some way to help these women so that they are not relegated to such circumstances…it bears thinking about.
  • I tried to take a picture with my cell phone today, but the darn thing didn’t take right. And as I was standing in front of the sign, camera phone in hand, a “gentleman” walked over and asked who I was with (“Myself,” I answered.), and then asked me to get off the private property. I gladly obliged. And then later drove by and tried to take another photo. This is the best that I have so far, but I’ll get a better one. There’s lots of public places from where I can get a good picture, which will be forthcoming on this blog.

The Sign

**In all fairness, I don’t know if said establishment offers lap dances….Aw, hell. Why play fair? They don’t.

I will continue to track this situation and continue to rant about it. Can I get an “amen,” my friends? (Okay, okay, so I don’t blog for weeks, but I’ve come back with a bang!)


11 Responses to “Because the term “skeevy pervert” has been going through my mind all day long”

  1. At least you don’t have to drive by streetside storefronts full of young girls for sale like I did last night. Thankfully, Chien was too busy talking to notice all of the hookers…

  2. Beth said

    Sigh indeed, my friend. We miss y’all.

    You’re right that things could be worse.

    But they could still be better. Call me the windmill tilter.

  3. kjames said

    i saw that sign yesterday. i can’t believe it was approved. westerville seems to have it’s very own little red light district popping up. 😦

  4. kjames said

    nice to see you blogging again, my friend. it hasn’t been weeks, it’s been months!

  5. kjames said

    i mean, it’s FELT like months. 😀

  6. By the way, good on ya for not sugar coating it for your kids.

  7. Erica said


    I’m also glad you posted. I thought you’d given up on us. I missed you. I felt guilty for not commenting enough. I blamed myself. I wallowed in self pity and then went to bed.

    I wish there was something that could be done about it. I’m sorry it’s on your way to school.

  8. Beth said

    Karen — actually the establishment is in Columbus (though right on the border of Westerville), so I guess it’s the city of Columbus that we complain to? It HAS felt like months to me too. 😀 We must get together before Greta graduates from college and becomes president of the United States…actually, you know? Greta would make a pretty great president. Hmmm.

    Erica — wow, I’m honored that you would wallow in self pity on my behalf. I’m…choked up. But I’m glad you went to bed 😀

  9. Liz said

    Too tired to respond much with just getting back with spending time at the wedding and I am on serious stimulas overload with all of the people and at the reception all the noise and music and such BUT am glad to read a new post and I really do not understand how places get by with signs and such……..

  10. Brian Carlson said

    Just for the record. For me, as a male that sign makes me physically ill. I wonder if the people who make decisions on signage for the city of columbus would like to have that sign at the end of thier street. What might be an interesting idea would be to contact all of the neighboring business with a letter stating something to the effect that we can no longer patronize your establishment because I don’t want to expose my children to that sign. That might actually provoke an interesting response. Anyway…. There is my two cents.

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