The Silence Heard ‘Round the World

August 29, 2007

Hey. Long time no see. Yes, I know that you six regular readers have been waiting with baited breath for me to post something new, constantly refreshing your browsers to see what new pearl of wisdom I have to offer. Now come on, you faithful six. You have to comment — I need to feeeeel the lurve.

Today. Well today, all three of my children are in school all day for the first time. Wheeeeeeeee!

Someone asked me, “Wow, is this kind of bittersweet?”

Um, no. More sweet-sweet. Don’t get me wrong. I have a bit of melancholy about the way my two first graders ran into the school building with barely a glance backward (after a quick and I mean quick hug and kiss from mom and dad). I can reflect on how quickly — in some ways — the last decade has passed, and how each step my kids take these days is essentially a step away from me.

But it’s good. It’s how it’s supposed to be — this is, after all, why we rear our kids — so they grow up and become independent beings capable of running up those school stairs all by themselves. I have been with these kids their whole lives, so I’m cool on pawning them off sharing them with others for six hours a day.

And the time! Oh the time, time, time, time…I will have to find my new routine. But I know that it will contain vast unbroken stretches to work on my book. And maybe nap. And plan cool meals. And clean the toilets (not that I haven’t cleaned the toilets in a decade, but hey, you’ll be able to eat off my toilets now that they’re all in school). And this morning get my hair cut and colored. And then lunch with another summer surviving mom.

I adore toddlers and love to hold people’s babies. Because I get to give them back to their parents.

Just like the school will give me back my terrific kids at 3:30. I’ll be ready to give them each a hug and a snack, and I can’t wait to hear about their days. Really, they’re my three favorite people in the world.

And tomorrow I get to send them back. As Rob would say, “Sweeeeeet.”


6 Responses to “The Silence Heard ‘Round the World”

  1. Amanda said

    I am one of your six loyal readers, and yes I HAVE been checking everyday, so there 🙂 Glad you have your time back to you, and your sanity I’m sure 🙂

  2. Andy Whitman said

    Hey, I check every day, too.

    I know what you mean about the bittersweet, but mostly sweet. Tomorrow we drop Rachel off at Ohio University. For the first time in 21 years we will kidless for most of our days. Obviously they’ll still come home — during the summer, on school breaks, and for occasional weekends. But the silence will be deafening. I’ll miss them, but I won’t miss all the drama, you know?. It will be bittersweet, but mostly sweet. As you note, this is a good thing, and there would be something wrong if they were still hanging out with mom and dad at 30. But 18? I don’t know. That seems awfully young for this whole college business to me. So there’s some trepidation there, but somehow I suspect Rachel will get used to it, and so will Kate and I. I’m actually looking forward to life as an empty nester.

    And apropos of nothing, what is the origin of the phrase “baited breath”? It sounds kinda gross to me. I’ve never been one to eat worms, even as a toddler, but I know it’s a common expression. I’m just curious about the derivation of the phrase.

  3. robberfly said

    glad to see you’re back.

    i agree about it being sweet sweet. the best part of parenting for me is seeing my kids grow up. i love the whole evolution of it all.

  4. Julie said

    I am one of your six faithful as well and love nothing more then to hear about my beautiful neice and nephews and you and Tim of course:) I also hope you enjoy every moment of the six hours you are without them. It is well deserved:)

  5. Liz said

    I am glad to hear how things are. I check daily myself to see if you have written anything…Liz

  6. Erica said

    Seriously I have totally been feeling that first paragraph and thinking it at you as I constantly refresh and wish you would freakin’ type something already. but then I thought maybe you were tired. That’s me, transferring my tiredness on to you. I didn’t want to disturb your tiredness, but I’m glad you’re back.

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