Good to know that he feels he can ask the serious questions

July 6, 2007

Dan: Mom, how come Sponge Bob is a sponge and he still sinks in the ocean?

Mom: (trying to wrap her mind around this and failing, stares blankly at son)

Dan: And if he isn’t a sponge and he still looks like that, then I’m thinking he’s actually cheese. Right?

Mom: Maybe because it’s a cartoon. Maybe that’s why he sinks…

Dan: No, I think he’s cheese.

And then 10 minutes later I think to myself, “Then why don’t they call the show “Cheese Bob Squarepants”? But alas, Dan has moved on in his thinking.


2 Responses to “Good to know that he feels he can ask the serious questions”

  1. Andy Whitman said

    These are deep mysteries, akin to the nature of the Trinity and the ongoing popularity of Britney Spears. You ponder them too long and your head can explode. My thoughts: why would cheese be in the ocean? Is it too salty to eat? But what do I know?

    I miss these kinds of conversations with my kids, by the way. Nowadays they’re far too rational and linear in their thinking.

  2. julie mills said

    so, i hope you know who i am, but if not, just ask manda or erica–
    anyways, i would like to offer this tidbit of fun for you– which, coincidentally, i discovered when tracking down the websites that my COLLEGE STUDENT used to plaigiarize a midterm–

    it’s kind of interesting stuff– dan may like it. i think it’s probably geared more for his age group than the university crowd.

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