June 24, 2007

My daughter is being baptized today. How can I be old enough to have a daughter old enough to be baptized? How can I be so very blessed that she already knows and loves the Lord?

I pray that this day serves as a marker in her Christian walk, that she will always look back on it with fondness and the knowledge that she is so very loved by her earthly parents and her heavenly Father. I pray for protection for her faith, that as she faces the hurdles of growing up in this sometimes crummy world, she will always feel the closeness of her Lord. I pray that she never stands in the way of the great things God has planned for her life.

When Tim and I didn’t get pregnant when we wished, when I poured over the Bible’s stories about womens’ infertility, I was struck by one constant thought: God knows the exact time He wishes to bring a person into human history. Samuel could not have been born before he was; John the Baptist needed to be born at the exact time to be a messenger for Christ’s coming. God has these plans for people, you see, and just because I didn’t know of the plans He had for my eventual children, He had them all the same. God knew that Abby had to be born at the exact time she was because of His perfect plans for her.

With some of these plans I can already see hints. God brought her to me to soften me, to reflect my own traits — for good and for notsogood! — back at me. God brought her to remind me to have a worshipper’s heart all the time, to never forget the lost and least and last. He blessed me with being witness to her strength, her determination, her very real belief that she can do all things through Christ who gives her strength. He gave to me a reading buddy and a girl who can do the mother-daughter thing, like I have done with my own mother. I don’t know exactly how I merited it (okay, I didn’t merit it — and I guess that’s the point), but I have a daughter. This daughter. On this day.

The day she is being baptized.


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