Wii Watch 2007

June 18, 2007

Wii Wii, Wii found a Wii. (Or, Oui, Oui, We found a Wii).

The things we do for our children…the boys turn 7 (!!) this Thursday, and all they’ve asked for, all they’ve talked about is wanting a Wii. And the Nintendo people hate parents. This is a well documented fact.

I, lowly and idiotic as I apparently am, thought that a Wii would be easier to obtain than it was say, at Christmas. Oh foolish foolish woman!

Apparently I should have started searching in April. Game stores have little to no idea when their limited shipment of Wiis are coming in — what day or time. And they get like 5 at time, which are then snapped up within an hour. Meijer tends to get them overnight, and people come in at 6 a.m. to nab one. So I started making calls last week, and when I mentioned that my twins’ birthday is June 21, a couple of game store lackeys actually chuckled at me. This is not good for the ego.

But then Thursday night, I hit what appeared to be pay dirt. Andrew, at Unnamed Game Store, said, “We’re expecting some tomorrow between 12 and 3 when our UPS driver comes.” Aha! So I made plans for the kids (thanks Tracy!) and planned on camping out at Unnamed Game Store for the 3 hour stretch. I called my new friend, Andrew, around 11 on Friday and said I was coming in. “Oh, sorry, our regular UPS driver is sick, so the replacement guy came last night instead. And they’re all gone. Sorry.” But was he really sorry? Was it his children he was going to disappoint? (Okay, okay, I know he’s like 16 years old, and all my frustration should not have been vented at him. Actually, I was quite nice. But oh so frustrated! Damn UPS driver! How dare he get sick?)


I went home and began making more phone calls and hearing more chuckles. But then a guy at another store suggested I call some stores not in Columbus, but in surrounding towns. He suggested Mansfield and Springfield and Kenton.

Long story short, the Springfield store guy had it and actually HELD IT FOR ME. I have an aunt in Urbana who jumped in her car (thanks Aunt Sue!) and procured the elusive Wii for her nephews.

And I drove out to Urbana Friday night and picked it up. So, all’s well that ends well.

Take THAT Nintendo! (‘Cause you know they have like 10,000 Wiis sitting on warehouse shelves and they’re doing this limited release crap as a marketing ploy. But at least I’m not bitter.)


11 Responses to “Wii Watch 2007”

  1. kjames said

    we got a wii too! it’s crazy how quicky they sell, still!

  2. Liz said

    Gosh that brings back memories of going and calling stores for legos when my nephews were young.

  3. You’re a terrible mother.

  4. Oh, wait. We did that too.

  5. So, what did the kids do when they got it? I bet they wet themselves with excitement…

  6. Beth said

    Actually, they get in on Thursday (their actual birthday). BTW, Dan wants you to knock out his loose tooth. And I don’t think he’s kidding.


    And I’m only partially kidding.

  8. kjames said

    if john won’t do it, i will.

  9. Beth said

    What is it with this all fired desire to punch my children in the face? I mean, I know that I want to, but wow, you guys are SO giving. I’m overwhelmed with the love.

  10. Andy Whitman said

    It’s unfortunate that you didn’t find the Wii last month. Then it would have been a May Wii (a totally obscure pun that perhaps only Andy Anderson could appreciate; or perhaps not). Thank you. Thank you very much.

  11. Beth said

    No, no! I get it. That must mean I’m smart. Yay me!! đŸ˜€

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