May 29, 2007

A Daughter’s Graduation

No, I never thought it would be
like this, forty and waiting
for child support,
a stagnant pond overgrown
with muddy weeds,
whose roots tangle deeply
in this same town, so ordinary,
a wrinkled dress in late afternoon.

So please, no one yet tell her
how she will become her mother
and her mother before her,
dreams discarded,
like cards unplayed,
like flowers dying in a vase
because no one remembered
to change the rotten water.

On this almost summer evening,
after a typical midwest rain,
let her believe she will get out,
that she will be different
as night is to day, as spring is
to fall, that everything before her
beckons to a mossy forest path,
cleared and unfettered.

And I have never said I regret
her, will never say it.
I don’t.
But only five minutes earlier,
I could have cured cancer
or become a rock star,
been anyone but this woman,
drowning in this town, on this day.

**Maybe I don’t need to say this, but clearly the “I” in this poem is not me. This poem, still a work in progress, was as they say, “inspired by actual events,” but the “I” is a fictional character…


6 Responses to “”

  1. Andrew Anderson said

    Wow… really good.
    Um… I probably should have asked you or Tim this before but, how long have you been writing poetry? I seem to remember someone telling me that you dabbled in the writing arts but I no longer remember who or when that was.
    Again… really good stuff.


  2. Beth Koruna said

    Hey Andy!

    I got an MFA in Creative Writing with and emphasis in poetry (which makes you super-employable, let me tell ya! Jobs abound for creative writing majors!). I would love to get together and talk poetry sometime. In fact, the 4 of us should get together sometime and share yummy food and drink and good company.

  3. Andy Anderson said

    I’d be all about it. I can regale you with super droll poems about being hacked apart by Robots, impaled by do-it-yourself projects, and puzzled by the disappearence of a garden gnome… super stuff you know!


  4. Beth Koruna said

    Can’t wait! Let’s connect at church this weekend and set up a time.

    And I’ll regale you with angsty female poems. Oh wait, maybe you don’t want to get together! 😀

  5. Zany Mama said

    Wow…really fabulous poem.

    And I didn’t know the “I” wasn’t you, so I appreciated the clarification. 🙂

  6. Beth Koruna said

    Thanks ZM. Should I potificate as to how life-changing my blog is? Nah…:D You can see through that lie in a second!

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