An obligatory post about the Lost finale

May 24, 2007

I love me some T.V. Really, I could spend 24 hours a day watching it — I mean, have you seen the number of Law & Order re-runs? And I’m going ahead and admitting it in a public forum — though I normally eschew reality television because of my white hot intelligence, I’m pretty stoked that Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance starts tonight. I know, I know — the shame of it all. But I try to limit myself to a couple of shows, because I’m a wee tad addictive when it comes to…well, everything.

But even the cool kids watch Lost. So, in no particular order, my thoughts and questions:

  • What is with the make-up people? Can we not do a better fake beard than that roadkill Jack was sporting last night? And I’ve mentioned it other places — but the eyeliner on the creepy other? I didn’t wear that much eyeliner in the 1980s.
  • I’ve despised the Charlie character for quite some time, but just as he begins to redeem himself and stop being such a sodding (do you suppose people in England really use the word that much) whiner, TBTB kill him off. But it was a good send-off, so I’ll try to keep my mouth shut.
  • Whose forgiveness does Jack seek (he said “Forgive me,” on the bridge)?
  • Can it be anyone other than my beautiful Sawyer in that pine box?
  • Boo-ya! on Hurley with the bus! You rock Hugo. And I totally agreed with Sawyer killing “friendly” Tom. He’s right not to trust him. And for once, I actually agreed with Jack when he called Ben’s bluff (?) about killing the 3 on the beach. Jack’s job was to get to the radio tower, and he promised Sayid he would do it.
  • I remember that time that I was tied up and I broke a man’s neck with my legs. Good, good times.
  • Will the flash-forward device sustain the show? It’s a very interesting concept, and I get that “lost” is a metaphor and all that — but we cannot lose the island altogether. An awful lot of unanswered questions.
  • Why the trust in Naomi (the parachuter)? I don’t know that I agree with Ben, but their trust seemed a little too easy.
  • Bernard is a crack shot? And Jin missed? I would have left Rose with the gun.
  • Props to the actor who plays Ben — the slow unraveling of that character from an in-control freak to a sociopathic pathetic freak has been awesome.
  • I loved the moments between Alex and Danielle. Is Ben the biological father?
  • Yay Locke! I don’t know why he killed Naomi, but it was great to see him up and around. And a Walt sighting! Now granted, the young actor has grown to be about 6’3″ tall in a supposed 90 days, but I’m willing to fan-wank that. Wonder where Michael is…I miss that actor.
  • Kate persists in annoying me. But girlfriend’s hair looked great in the final scene.
  • Is Jack’s dad actually alive — or was Jack just so drugged out that he thought his dad was alive? Clearly, Jack cannot handle his narcs.
  • Waiting until February will STINK. But it gives Jack time to shave his beard and Walt time to grow another 4 inches.

5 Responses to “An obligatory post about the Lost finale”

  1. robberfly said

    but we cannot lose the island altogether

    i don’t think we’ll lost the island altogether. it appears that ‘help is on the way’ but ben and locke seem to think it will be the end of the island. i wonder if only certain castaways will be leaving with the rescue. but i’m sure people like john locke and rose will refuse to leave the island. so maybe the island and the real world will co-exist on the show…???

    also i don’t think it was sawyer in the casket. the casket looks a little small.

  2. Beth Koruna said

    Hope you’re right about Sawyer…Ben maybe? But I can’t figure out why Jack would feel so bad about Ben or even Locke…I like the idea that some stay on the island. And clearly, Jack thinks that they should go back, so that could happen at some point too…it’s going to be a LONG wait…

  3. Liz said

    I have not gotten into Lost mainly because since I did not start watching at the begining I thought it would be hard to connect but am really hooked on any of the Law and Order shows and it is even better ( i am ashamed to admit kind of) that if it is one of the marathons where they show back to back it is even better.I really also enjoy reading about your conversations with your kids….now that my nephews are adults and two of them have lots of children…jordan married a woman terri who had four children and jerah married cindy who had four children and they have two more now there are lots of kid stories i hear from them also.

  4. robberfly said

    i wonder if the person in the casket is someone we haven’t met yet?

    it will be a long wait for sure. but i think the next 48 episodes are going to be top notch stellar ones!

    lost is definitely at the top of its game right now and i predict it will even get better!

  5. Beth Koruna said

    I agree Michael, it could hardly have been a better finale…I agree that Lost is at the top of its game. I hope, hope, hope it stays there!

    Liz — I’ll keep the kid stories comin’ (’cause they keep happening. And really, I couldn’t make all this stuff up! :D)

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