Theology, Geneology and Whatnot from the Back of the Van

May 22, 2007

Dan to me: Mom, why was Jesus called King of the Juice?


Rob to Dan: We’re half Dutch and half Germany.

Me: No, guys you’re not half anything, ethnically speaking. Your ancestors come from lots of different places — Holland, Scotland. You have some Slovak and some Irish.

Rob: We own a little bit of Ireland?

Dan to me: These second grade boys keep telling Rob and me that we’re not really twins because we don’t look alike.

Me: Then they don’t know much about twins, because lots of twins don’t look alike. Rob, you look more like Mom’s side of the family, and Dan, you look more like Daddy’s side of the family.

Rob to Dan: Yeah, Mom and I look sort of alike. We both have short hair and big heads.


5 Responses to “Theology, Geneology and Whatnot from the Back of the Van”

  1. Wow. You really do have big heads.

  2. Beth Koruna said

    Ginormous, some would say. Like Amazonian.

  3. Like oranges. On toothpicks.

  4. Beth Koruna said

    I consider the toothpick part a total compliment. That’s how very very sad my life can be!

    Or Reese Cups. On Twizzlers.

  5. Beth Koruna said

    BTW, maybe we better re-think this Rob and Dan-Dan union. If they had biological children — think of the HEADS! My God, man, the HEADS!

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