Whoever said boys don’t giggle…

May 12, 2007

…would be wrong. The boys had a little friend from kindergarten spend the last night. They were SO excited and spent from 10:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. giggling uproariously about all things little boy…I know I heard the word “butt” at least a couple two hundred times. And then? The three musketeers woke up at 6:15 this morning? What? How? Do children not know the sweet beauty of sleeping in? But…no tears, no homesickness…and their little friend loved his birthday presents and cake, so all in all, we’ll call it a victory. Though I do feel a mite guilty unleashing that poor sleep-deprived boy on his parents today.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I am so thankful for the many bullets that have been dodged that allow my mom to be around for this holiday.

Looks like Cedar Rapids (see The Midwest, Disney World) has a decent chance of coming through. Still some irons in the fire for Columbus jobs, and also a possibility of San Francisco for 6 ridiculous months. My reaction when Tim brought it up: “Noooooooooooo!” He’s lucky that I am both subtle and supportive. Your prayers for quick resolution of this nasty job situation are coveted.

Nothing wise and wonderful to say today (as opposed to the many golden nuggets of wisdom I disperse on a regular basis). Taking the kids to Pittsburgh tomorrow to see the Science Museum and Sports Center. Should be fun. And Tim loves him a good car ride with the kids! Nothing like it to reduce the stress…


One Response to “Whoever said boys don’t giggle…”

  1. Liz said

    I hope that you and yours had a great time at the museum. Happy Mother’s Day Beth…and oh I do remember so so well when my nephews would get the giggles…very cute but can be so annoying at times especially when food or drink is coming out of mouths or noses. : ) It was interesting at times when we all (all meaning my mom and I and my sister and her family which includes husband and four boys and sometimes when we would walk into a place to eat some people like a manager you could tell that they were thinking FOUR BOYS and we got that look when we went out to eat around the holidays and it was my oldest nephew and wife with their 5 kids (4 guys and one girl) and then my other nephew who has 4 kids (2 guys and two girls) and mainly except for one older son ages from 18 months – 12 years old. I just wanted to say also I will be continuing to pray for all of you. Hope that you have a good week…and can find some lj’s which stands for little joys things that help make a day a bit better yet are not huge..such as perhaps a great cup of coffee a sweet time with your children or husband or remembering people are praying for you all or a god conversation or reading a good book or finding a great deal at a store or garage sale.

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