Prayer Request

April 24, 2007

And it was already being such a Monday…

Tim has been doing contract work with a local company, and found out today that the company is releasing a bunch of the contractors — in other words, he’s out of a job in two weeks. He’s still employed with the contracting company (though they don’t pay him for what they call “bench time”) and they will be marketing him to Columbus businesses — as well, he may have to consider travel for a time if nothing in Columbus pops up. Those of you who knew us throughout the hideous years of travel (and those of you with any brain at all!) will know that while a job on the road is certainly better than no job, it’s not a lifestyle to which we want to return…I have every confidence in my wonderful husband and in his skills…but I confess to having something of a crisis of faith with God here. Is it ok if I just don’t want all this to be so hard? Might it be God’s will for Tim to slide seamlessly into another company and not to leave us on pins and needles for a long time? I know, I know, God sustains us (and has already) through much worse. But I would appreciate prayers that this situation could fall into the “less worse” category — that the right job would turn up before the end of the two weeks. Thanks.


5 Responses to “Prayer Request”

  1. john McCollum said

    We’re praying. Hard.

  2. john McCollum said

    And yes, it is okay to ask God to make this transition easy. We’re asking that on your behalf.

  3. AndyWhitman said

    Ugh. I’ll certainly pray, Beth. I don’t know if Tim is interested in looking into other contract companies, but mine is actively recruiting, they do pay people while they’re on the bench, and the other benefits are good as well. Have him give me a call at home in the evenings, or on my cell during the day (546 – 9197) if he wants to talk.

  4. kate whitman said

    Another, ugh, is due. Andy and I have much empathy for this particular situation. I know God is faithful, but still the process is not one looks forward to. Like John, I will pray the transition is easy. I just want to yell to God, “enough now”. You guys have just had too much on your plate with family health stuff, ect… Are you up to decompressing this Sat.? We are going to an art show of Emily Cable’s around 5 pm in Grandview (she goes to our church and is a painter) that you guys are welcome to come to, and then maybe we could do dinner at some inexpensive place in that neck of the woods. Let me know if you have interest.

  5. kjames said

    oh crap. i will pray.

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