Children’s Ministry

April 16, 2007

I started a post and wordpress ATE it. I practically saw wordpress licking its chops after devouring two reasonably well thought out paragraphs. Sigh. The battle with wordpress continues.

So, to begin again…

I taught the school age children at church today. I think that maybe…it’s possible…that God is calling me to make a longer term commitment to these kids (more than the 3 week rotation), and I’m a bit flummoxed. I’ve never envisioned myself in children’s ministry — never believed myself to be all that great with kids, never felt remotely like a “kid person,” though there are many children in my life that I love. And I was way more nervous about this morning’s teaching than I’ve ever felt about a teaching for adults. I tried to incorporate some large motor activities into the teaching because it’s mainly a group of VERY ENERGETIC boys. And I think the teaching about temptation went pretty well. I’m trusting God that the kids actually heard the Word of God amid my directives of “Sit DOWN. No, on you BOTTOM.” And I’m trusting that God’s Word never returns empty without accomplishing God’s purposes.

Maybe I’m catching some of God’s vision, but these kids have weighed heavily on my heart this week, and I even felt like God especially wanted me to address the temptation to use unkind words (something I, myself, never struggle with. Just ask Tim.). The games went pretty well, I think. The craft? So-so. But anyone who knows me would be amazed that I even thought of a craft, much less tried to execute it with children. No mortal injuries, so I call that a victory.

But this feeling. This tug. I’m so impressed at how people in this church have done so much with the children’s ministry in such a short time — all the bins that need to be hauled, all the babies that need to be held, all the Bible verses shared — all done without benefit of a permanent building, and all done in response to a whole lot of kids getting born and getting grown. My heart longs for these school age kids to feel like church is not just a place where they’re shuffled off to a room where someone keeps telling them to sit down. Man, I want them to meet God at church, week in and week out. I want them to become a cohesive community of kids who learn how to serve one another with their many gifts.

I feel an obligation to this ministry because I have kids this age, and I have no right to critique ANYTHING if I’m not willing to get involved. And I really believe that these kids would benefit from the consistency of having the same person there for a while — so that it felt less like being babysat and more like being taught. But I’m hesitant, and to be honest, I’m not sure if I’m being called by God or by concern — not that the latter is wrong exactly…but I’m not sure I even want to be the person who makes this commitment. I am praying that if this is where the Lord would have me that He would give me His vision, His desire, His ability.

The responsibility we have to these kids — the first generation of adults who will come of this church — staggers me. I firmly believe that we must pass on vision to them. Yes, they will make their own impact on this world in their own ways and individual styles, but this church is their launching pad. It sobers me. And it excites me too.

So…for now I pray and ask anyone willing to pray with me. God’s pretty good at making Himself clear. I suspect He already is.


One Response to “Children’s Ministry”

  1. Liz said

    I just wanted to share with you about something God showed me I think last weekend and I had shared it with Michael G and then when I read your talking about working with the children thought that I should pass part of it on….I felt like God really wants some of the adults at C.V. to step up and make a commitment to sharing with the children the arts….music and crafts and written things such as poems and such and that it will be a way that the children who attend CV will get so exited about the classes that it will open up doors for those children to invite other kids and will be something one generation needs to pass onto the next. I also have been I think hearing from God for myself to make a bigger commitment to working with the kids not sure what it will be if it will be just making a larger commitment to do more times at the check in table or more I am thinking that with especially the older children perhaps people will say like if you are teaching the older kids maybe someone who is good with art will be in the class once or twice and show the kids how to do some things…..hope this is making sense and if it is not or if you want to email me about it please do. I guess to sum it up from what I read on your blog I would encourage you to go for it………and I pray right now that God makes it so very clear to you and Jesus just use her in a mighty way God with these children that by her service and her talents that the children will fall more in love with you and they will pass it onto the friends God….thank you God for her willingness. Amen

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