It’s possible…

April 9, 2007

I should stop blogging because I’ll be darned if I have anything of interest to say.

But no, that hasn’t stopped me in the past.


7 Responses to “It’s possible…”

  1. kjames said

    so get on with it.

  2. Get on with not blogging? I don’t understand…

  3. kjames said

    it’s okay john. it’s not for you to understand. don’t worry your pretty little head about such things.

  4. erica said


    If I can blog about absolutely nothing interesting THEN SO CAN YOU!
    Let’s have some pity on the people who need distraction from the fact that they have to work away from their children all day five days a week, PITY! IT IS MINE! NOW POST!

    Also, we’re grilling out on Saturday, wanna come? I’m making corn-zucchini fritters. We have some meat, but we would probably need more if you came. Sarain is bringing a side dish too. There may be smores. We’re trying this new thing where we decide to have people over on the weekend in advance of the actual day of wanting people there. It’s a bold new initiative. Who knows how it will work?

    We’re also trying this bold new thing of inviting people over on not Friday night because so many of the people we like go to homegroup on that night.

  5. Beth Koruna said

    Is it ok that I find it humorous that my post about not blogging has more comments than most previous posts? Does this say something about the boredom of my life, perhaps. Oh well

    John — I was trying to obfuscate so that you WOULD’T understand. Thank heavens it worked.

    Karen — I’m assuming you DO want me to blog about the tedium of my everyday life and for that I say — thank you 😀

    Erica — I will post ASAP. I’m sure I can find some minutia (sp?) about which to write. Saturday sounds lovely. What with our busy social calandar, we will have to clear some major VIPs off the list, but once we do that, I think we could come. What time? And congrats on the bold new initiative! Yay you. We can bring meat or whatever else you want. Let me know.

  6. erica said

    Oh, I don’t know, 6:00 ish? I think that’s when I invited people. Hmmm. Maybe I should know that information ahead of time.


  7. Beth Koruna said

    I’m assuming I can bring kids… 😀 Do you have a meat preference? Anything else you want me to bring?

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