In which I bullet point out various things in my life

March 29, 2007

Man, I read other people’s blogs and their words seem to glow like burnished jewels. And I think to myself, “Self, you suck,” which is a totally productive line of thinking. (For anyone who needs a curriculum in “Ways of Meditating on Your Personal Suckage so that You Become a Self-Indulgent Fool,” let me know — I have materials at the ready.) And I read interesting blogs where people take seemingly small life events and turn them into philosophical musings that make others think. Great big long sentences that turn into paragraphs that turn into essays of beauty.

Sigh. My life (and my words) just isn’t there right now. I’m more in a bullet-point mentality.


  • Tim’s mom, Evelyn, has her colon cancer surgery tomorrow. Please pray for everyone involved — Tim, his dad, Bill and his two sisters.
  • My mom still feels like complete crap. She appears to have a stomach virus on top of everything else.
  • My twins argue with each other like nasty gangsters (I guess there aren’t really *nice* gangsters). “What’s your problem?” “He called me an idiot!” “I’m going to kill you!” These are the lovely sweet-nothings between brothers.
  • My daughter’s orthodontia is going to be EXPENSIVE, in large part because of what the ortho guy calls “skeletal issues.” In other words, my poor girl barely has a bottom jaw. So we need something called a Herps Device (which I’m sure I’m spelling wrong, and yes it does make me think “herpes” every time someone at the orthodontia office mentions it. But I don’t think mothers are supposed to giggle inappropriately at such things) which will somehow — ouch — bring her lower jaw forward. You know it’s gonna cost you when the orthodontist says, “In fourteen and a half years of doing this, I’ve only had to put this device in a child this young one other time.” Said like that, it sounds kind of dirty, doesn’t it? But anyway. Get.Mind.Out.Of.Gutter.Mommy. The assistant pulled together the contract for me — yes, there’s a CONTRACT for this, and right now the estimate for Phase One — did I not mention that they do braces in Two phases now? is $4,300. She said, “On a scale of one to ten, you guys are pretty much at ten,” which made me burst out laughing. Tim did not find this so amusing.
  • The orthodontist is totally nice and has a lovely manner with Abby. She has “dental issues,” to put it mildly. Suffice to say that the regular dentist always takes us to “the quiet room” away from other children so as not to scar them for dental life with her piteous wailing and screaming. She has really crowded teeth in a really small mouth and as a result, has had some cavaties that have needed crowns. Bless her — I really can’t blame her for despising the dentist. The new pediatrician truly endeared herself to me when she said, “Some people just have bad teeth,” instead of the moralizing attitude I sometimes feel from dentists. Yeah, I put COCA COLA in her bottle, ok? And she has 25 pieces of hard candy every day. And I only make her brush every other Sunday. Good thing I’m not defensive.
  • Okay, one more orthodontist thing: Not to be judgmental in the least, but the man totally either has plugs or a really expensive toupee. No Sam Donaldson look for this guy. He looks good, and I suppose in his business, such things matter. Because I’m a bit of a freak, it might bother me if say, the cancer doctor, had a toupee. I might feel concerned about that. But I figure that a good portion of orthodontia is about vanity — and not necessarily in a bad way, yeah the good kind of vanity — so, it’s cool if he doesn’t want to look bald. And really, his kindness is way more important than his hair. I think that maybe all this is amusing me because in the next 20 months we’ll be paying a little over $3,330 (our insurance covers $1,000 lifetime maximum for each child — which is a pissant amount in terms of the nearly $30,000 we’ll probably be dropping on all this, but most people have no coverage, so I shouldn’t complain. I will, of course. I live to complain.) and it freaks me out completely!!!
  • I have a low- to mid-level free floating anxiety about much of life right now. I can’t seem to get my stress-o-meter to turn down. Much of what is stressful is not very usefully discussed in this forum, but I would appreciate prayers nonetheless. I’m doing a little too much lying in bed and thinkingthinkingthinking instead of the actual sleeping that I need so much.
  • The Cookie Sale is officially OVER and I didn’t seem to eff up anything too remarkably. The high point of the last week was when the doorbell rang (I think it may have been a Jehovah’s Witness. Really) while I had $3,000 in cash spread across my living room floor so I could count it. I did not answer the door. I think that Council would have been proud.

3 Responses to “In which I bullet point out various things in my life”

  1. Erica said

    – I don’t comment enough on your blog. I don’t know why that is.

    -Not sleeping sucks. So do braces and big expenses that don’t involve travel.

    -I have that Mark of the Lion trilogy for you. I’m ready to let someone else read them. Do you want them?

    See you Sunday,

  2. bethkoruna said

    Yes, yes, yes on the Mark of the Lion! I have not read anything truly wonderfully escapist (and yet it’s Biblical so that makes me holy!) in a long time.

  3. kjames said

    Man, I read other people’s blogs and their words seem to glow like burnished jewels.
    clearly, you don’t read MY blog. 😀

    it’s hard to read this after the dentist just said this week, “looks like you’re going to have some orthodontia in your future” while peering into simon’s mouth. 😐

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