Sunday Night Blues and Monday Morning Mania

March 26, 2007

I don’t know why, but I’ve always despised Sunday night. It always carries the dread of all things that must be done during the coming week.  And then, five minutes after I go to bed, my alarm goes off and like a staggering drunkard, the week begins.

I have a million phone calls to make. Kids to drive to and from school. Homework that must be accomplished. Spring cleaning and organizing. Cleaning behind the toilet (ah, the glamour!). Soccer practice. Dance practice. Speech therapy. Orthodontist appointment…wow, a whole lot of carting back and forth.

And our air conditioner is not working. Now I know many of you haven’t even turned on your air yet, but me? I’m an air conditioning junkie. I love my air. I need my air. If I had lived in Laura Ingalls’ time, I would have died from heatstroke on the prairie. Actually, I would have died back in Vermont before we ever got further west. I’m not an outdoorsy person. I like the inside where the temperature is cool and regulated.

The air conditioner guy is coming in a few minutes and I can almost guarantee you that he will chastise me.  I’ve probably done something damn dumb like not vacum a coil or screw up the thermostat.  Like the time the dishwasher guy rebuked me for having the wrong kind of soap or the time the dryer guy practically threw me up against a wall because of how clogged our vent was.  Sometimes I think I must not be a very good adult because really, I have no idea about any of this crap.  Other people seem to function at a higher plane on all appliance matters.

On that note, I took an on-line IQ test this weekend (for reasons I can’t remember, which may be part of the problem).  Now, I was interrupted about 2,348 times by my son, so maybe that affected the score.  But it scored me at 101.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  I guess.  But, I know I’ve scored better in the past.  Maybe it’s true that having children has really made my IQ drop bit by bit.

It will be a wonder if I can tie my shoes by the end of the week.


One Response to “Sunday Night Blues and Monday Morning Mania”

  1. Aside from the fact that IQ tests are completely irrelevant, I’d peg you at much higher than 101.

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