Mean (little) Girls

March 21, 2007

Maybe I have nothing to say here that hasn’t already been said. But I am struck anew at the truth that the playground is a mean and terrible place.

I have started and re-started writing about this probably ten times this evening. I want to say all sorts of wise things about how sexualized girls in our culture have become, how fashion pressure affects even very little girls (I talked to one mom today whose first grade daughter had classmates pulling at the back of her shirt to look at the labels inside it — what is that about? I talked to another mom whose friend in a nearby suburb bought her five year old daughter $120 jeans. Wha????), how certain types of girl meanness seem to be trickling down to younger and younger girls…but man, it’s too raw, too hard.

A couple of little girls were mean to my daughter today.

Kids have always been mean, I know. Kids were mean to me sometimes. And I must have been mean too, though my memory tends to blot out those moments. And I would never claim that Abby is perfect.

No one ever tells you (or maybe they did and I didn’t listen) how your heart will split open when people hurt your kid. I can know that it’s normal and part of the process of growing up. And that in the fickleness of the little girl world, everything may well be better tomorrow.  But I have to pray for my heart, so I can help her pray for hers.


One Response to “Mean (little) Girls”

  1. kjames said

    ouch. this is exactly what i’m afraid of having happen to greta (or simon for that matter)… for them to have to feel that, for me to have to feel the pain of them going through it.

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