Believe me…

March 9, 2007

…that’s all I would ask the pediatrician on call at our now former doctor’s office. We are in a pediatric no-man’s land, having decided to leave one practice and not fully established with another.

And Abby is having another bout of intense and agonizing nausea (though so far no throwing up). I know what the protocol is for cyclic vomiting syndrome because the most expert doctors in this country have written treatment guidelines. I know that this isn’t a run-of-the-mill stomach virus. Oh the virus may trigger the nausea and vomiting, but cvs is like a little snowball at the top of a very big hill. Once it starts rolling, once she starts vomiting, it’s very very difficult to stop. But because we followed protocol guidelines on Sunday — an IV drip with saline and dextrose within the first hours of the onset of vomiting — and despite the fact that the doctor at St. Ann’s thought I was a bit nuts, we terminated the vomiting episode. She missed school only Monday and Tuesday, and we didn’t need to re-hydrate her because she never got dangerously ill.

This seems a good thing, no?

Tonight when she began to experience the nausea, I called the doctor on call at our (now former, and I mean right now) pediatrician’s practice. (I have met only one doctor at the new practice and none of the new doctors has met my children or has any records yet.) I wanted to discuss Abby’s case with the doctor on call because of the high probability that we will end up in an ER tonight and because the protocol suggests quick action once vomiting begins. I suggested that Dr. On Call take a look at the guidelines for treating cvs in kids — I directed him to the appropriate website, which incidentally I actually didn’t pull out of my a** for my own entertainment. The foremost physicans in the country with regard to cvs have written these guidelines. But oh yeah, I already said that.

You see, I had that silly mistaken impression that we might partner in treating my child’s condition. He informed me that he could not look at the website because he was out tonight, without access to a computer. As I tried to explain to him the basic guidelines and what medicine we may need to administer to her via IV, he informed me that he would never call in IV medication overnight anyway. And no, he wouldn’t call any hospital to inform them of the need for expediency in my daughter’s case. He just wasn’t “comfortable” with that.

My daughter is sleeping right now, thank God. But she awakens every half an hour or so and writhes and moans in misery. She’s barely responsive to me at times. Her stomach just plain hurts and her nausea is unrelenting. And the hell of it is…she could be helped, significantly helped, were it not for unnecessary roadblocks. I could take her to Children’s Hospital, but heaven knows how long we would wait. Right now, if she can sleep at all, we’re probably better at home.

But the cold chill of parental fear: Just how non-responsive should I let her get? How miserable is too miserable? What will we do if the vomiting begins?

Because I can say this for sure: we can’t count on Dr. On Call. He’s out tonight. And I wouldn’t want to restrict his comfort in any way.

***Note: I’m usually not this utterly mean and bitter. But I am so angry that for a time I literally saw red dots in front of my eyes. And I’m not naming names, so no one can sue me for libel, right?

Please, oh please pray for my girl. At least God is always on call and always in control. Thanks.


4 Responses to “Believe me…”

  1. john McCollum said

    Oh, gosh, Beth. I’m sorry. We are praying. Would she be willing to receive group prayer at church or home group?

    Miss you guys.

  2. Patti said

    beth, i know that brad (my neighbor) would be happy to talk to you about this if you want some advice and maybe just an opinion or suggestion on a new ped. he’s been through some pretty rough stuff with his kids as well, so he’s pretty sensitive to your kind of situation.

    i’ll ask him if he knows much about CVS…

  3. bethkoruna said

    Thanks for the prayers.

    John — Miss you too. Abby said that it would be really special for homegroup to pray for her. Maybe when you get back — she seemed to want to have you there. Thanks.

    Patti — I may take you up on that. Our new pediatrician is A LOT more responsive than the old one, but I’m up for advice — esp. if he would have a GI doc. that he would recommend. Thanks.

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