“Torture Bra”

March 1, 2007

Got your attention, didn’t I?

Just a quick and funny note: WordPress shows me my blog stats every day — i.e. how many hits I’ve had, which posts are being read, etc. They also have a section called “Search Engine Terms,” which show the words/terms people used to find or stumble upon my blog. Usually it’s my name or “Blurbs from the Burbs,” and occasionally it will be more topical like “picky eater.” But yesterday, the phrase “Torture Bra” led someone to me.

Wha?????????? I ask myself.

So I proceed to google “Torture Bra” — and I promise, I opened NOTHING and looked at no pictures. Trust me, words were enough. I scroll down the page and holy moly, Mary, Mother of God — there’s an entry for Blurbs from the Burbs. My post entitled “Sleepover Eve” about slumber parties contained the sentence, “In other words, I manipulated people into thinking that I stood with them in whatever torture — bra in the freezer, hiding someone’s clothes — they chose to inflict.” (emphasis mine)


Tim always says that the internet is a strange place and that I tend to be too trusting and naive about what I put out there. But oh. Who knew?

New blog rule: From now on I will try not to put together undergarment words with…well, with torture words. ‘K?


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