Sunday Night

February 26, 2007

So tired tonight I can barely capitalize the essentials, much less have the Girl Scout prowess to capitalize non-essential words…it’s a bad sign when one is this tired at the end of the weekend.

We’re finally done with parties in the Koruna family. Really surprised Tim with a 40th birthday celebration, thereby proving that I can be a frighteningly good liar when necessary. Much thanks to those who made that special for my husband, especially John McCollum who graciously offered his lovely abode.

Cookies…heavens, Cookies (by now, it’s reflex to capitalize it)…so so many Cookies. Cookies in the living room, cookies in the dining room, Cookies in the van. Note to self: you need more than 2 people to unload 132 cases of Cookies. Counting cases, sorting boxes, re-sorting boxes, coming up short, counting boxes again, coming up long (?), discovering a hidden case under the dining room table. Yes, there is some practical use for the multiplication tables. 12 Cookies per case, 4 cases = 36, no, no 48 boxes of Samoas. And so on and so on and so on.

I will say this in all seriousness (or as much as I can ever muster): being Cookie Mom has forever changed my view of volunteers. Those people who volunteer for the tasks in life that no one else will do deserve my respect, my affection and perhaps my firstborn. I will ALWAYS turn in money and items on time, I will ALWAYS show up, I will ALWAYS appreciate these people.

I actually have deep and real thoughts somewhere in my being, but I need time to process and sleep. So many people need so much prayer. Please pray for Nancy from CV and her daughter, Anya and son-in-law, Mike whose cancer has taken a turn for the worse. Pray for the McCollums as John heads off to Cambodia later this week. Pray for my mom who still feels like total crap on this new medication…more later on all this.

On a lighter note, Dan lost both his front teeth today — one on Chien McCollum’s knee, one on John McCollum’s leg. He keeps saying to me, “Mom, I can’t thay my thees.” This? Worth the price of admission.


6 Responses to “Sunday Night”

  1. kjames said

    what on earth! how did he lose them on their knee/leg??? this requires explaination. you know, after you get some sleep.

  2. Well, I still can’t explain exactly how it happened. All I know is that Dan came up from the basement bloodied and crying, Chien following him, loudly protesting his innocence.

    About an hour later, Rob and I were wrestling and Dan jumped into the fray. I tossed them both onto the floor. Dan sat up, once again bloodied, tooth in hand. I can’t for the life of me figure out how one kid could have such bad luck, and at my hands. Well, knee, I think.

    We ARE a violent bunch.

  3. kjames said

    john, it’s really quite simple: stop punching the koruna kids in the face.

  4. Have you spent much time with them? It’s way harder than it sounds…

  5. Tim said

    Testify, brother.

  6. Deneen said


    No wonder Abby wanted to be rescued! She knows!

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