6 things you don’t know about me

February 17, 2007

Reading kjames at livejournal — I’ve seen this meme several places, and like her, it got me thinking — heck, what don’t people know about me? And frankly, is any of it remotely interesting? But then I realized — WHO CARES? It’s my blog. So as I said in an earlier post, it’s all about me.

  1. Tim proposed to me in Germany in front of the Koln Cathedral on Christmas Eve, 1989. He got down on one knee and asked me, to which my response was, “Of course. Now get up. You’re embarrassing me.” That’s the official engagement story, but I really knew we were going to get married when we were having dinner one night a few days before that. Our eyes met at one point and he said, “So when are we going to get the ring?” Something about his expression, something in that moment — I knew it was the real deal.
  2. In high school, I went through a most embarrassing phase of loving the group Culture Club (wasn’t Boy George most recently seen picking up trash somewhere in London to fulfill a community service requirement for his most recent drug arrest?). I even went to a concert at the now defunct Ohio Center. But more incredible, more unbelievable than that — my best friend, Liz, and I were asked by the marching band director to dress up like Boy George for a halftime show and dance around to the song, Karma Chameleon. They rolled us out in a trunk and we jumped out and did it. We were so well disguised in our Boy George get-ups that no one ever knew it was us. (Let the mocking of me begin.)
  3. Tim and I used lotsa fertility drugs before getting pregnant with Abby. We finally ended up using some injectible stuff — and honestly, I had been such a hormonal…um…challenge for such a long time, that I think Tim sort of enjoyed sticking me in the…um…
  4. The first guy I kissed ended up (a bit later in his life — and no, I’m not talking about Tim) becoming a gay cheerleader. Not that the two go together, I realize (and I mean no offense) — but they did in his case.
  5. My two favorite movies of all time are Valley Girl and When Harry Met Sally. What can I say — the ’80s were very very good to me? Also, on a fundamental level — I’m awfully shallow.
  6. I have an absolute phobia of snakes and I sometimes still half (okay, three-quarters) believe that there might be a snake or two under my bed on any given night. By now Tim knows that when I hunker up next to him and whisper, “snake” he needs to give me an extra cuddle and say, “Go away, snakes.” He actually indulges me in this, and as he says, he clearly must have some power over the situation because we’ve never had a snake in our bedroom! Reasons Beth has never gone camping.

I’ll tag anyone else who wants to do this.


9 Responses to “6 things you don’t know about me”

  1. kjames said

    i only knew about 3 and 4, and i totally enjoyed this meme. i would have had the same reaction if randy had knelt down in a public place. that is, in fact, why i disuaded him from proposing to me in a restaurant. i actually did ask him to wait. 😀

    boy george, huh? wow.

  2. bethkoruna said

    Yeah…just one moment in the Beth Hall of Shame! 😀

  3. Andy Whitman said

    Hey, there’s no shame in loving “Valley Girl.” That’s, like, a totally tubular Shakespearian movie.

    The band that plays in the movie’s bar scene, The Plimsouls (“A Million Miles Away” is the song, one of the best jangle-pop anthems of the ’80s) is led by the incomparably great Peter Case, who has gone on to a superb solo career, writing songs as an honest and poetic Christian, two qualities that are always in short supply.

    I don’t know where I got it but I got it the same
    It’s a feelin’ that’ll rip you apart
    It follows me around like a part of my name
    Like I’m born with a time bomb instead of a heart

    So you’re a mixed up kid, come on and join the crowd
    The ones who only fit where they’re not allowed
    Out on the streets and you’re feelin’ blue…..
    Travelin’ light
    With a hole in your soul where the wind blows through

  4. Beth Koruna said

    LOVED “A Million Miles Away” — and even the far cheesier “Melt With You.” I had no idea that the lead singer went on to do more music. What songs/cds should I be looking for?

  5. Beth Koruna said

    Oh, and I know that the two songs were by two different groups (oh, who was it that sang “Melt With You…?)…I was talking about Peter Chase

  6. Andy Whitman said

    “Melt With You” — Modern English. That was their one and only hit, but they were great one-hit wonders. Yeah, it’s cheesy, but it has a great synth riff.

    Peter Case — Wow, so many great albums. My favorite is called “The Man with the Blue Post Modern Fragmented Neo Traditional Guitar,” which, in spite of its ostentatious title, contains some of the best songwriting you’ll ever hear. I have that one on vinyl, as well as the Plimsouls album that contains “A Million Miles Away.” Do you have a turntable? If so, I’ll drop off the albums next time I see you. If not, I have a few Plimsouls and Peter Case albums on CD. I like them too, and I can bring them along as well.

  7. Beth Koruna said

    So sadly, I don’t have a turntable…I miss a turntable. But I’d be grateful to borrow the CDs. Thanks.

  8. Beth, this is so strange. Every guy I’ve ever kissed ended up being gay, TOO!

    Oh, wait. Probably shouldn’t have shared that…

  9. Beth Koruna said

    John! My eyes! My eyes!

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