Home and Hearth

February 14, 2007

Don’t get me wrong — I love me a good snow day. And these past few days have been gorgeously snowy and wonderful for hunkering down under a blanket, watching movies and reading books. Even Tim is home today. The whole family. Together. IN ONE SMALL HOUSE. AGAIN.

You can see where I’m going here, right?

Yeah, we’re all just a teensy bit on one another’s nerves today. Arguments have erupted over Game Cube (the root of all evil, I’m pretty sure). Tensions have escalated over what to have for breakfast. I’m running out of tricks from my Mommy Bag; today I even raided Abby’s slumber party supplies for new markers and crayons. I’m contemplating the whole afternoon stretching ahead of us, followed by the entire evening and wondering if we can put the kids to bed at 5:00…

The kids have actually been fine — they’ve been KIDS, but fine…they claim to be glad to be out of school again, and I’m sure that on one level they are glad, but at the same time, I see them craving normal routine. And I’m glad to have them home because (Game Cube aside), I enjoy them. But I feel a need for more routine too.

I think it’s all been a bit MUCH lately — in the last three weeks, my kids have been home 6 days (yes, that means we have a make up day at the end of the year, which will be SUCH an educationally sound day as days in June tend to be — all thanks to a cocaine-riddled bus driver — whaaaa???? My kids don’t even attend Columbus schools, but their school uses Columbus buses, so we fell under THAT unfortunate banner. As I said to Tim, he’s lucky that I drive the kids, as my only coke habits are Diet and in a can, but anyway…). That’s a lotta days of togetherness. Family. I don’t know — maybe other families like each other better than we do. Maybe we’re somehow deficient in our family togetherness quotient.

But I suspect that the truth that we all have a touch of cabin fever is closer to the truth. I think that I would have entirely different kids if we could have one warm spring day for them to run around the park.

But today? Today we will stay home and try mightily not to cause bodily harm to one another.

On another note, today marks ONE WEEK without smoking. Suffice to say that it hasn’t been easy. On Saturday, the only reason that I didn’t light one up (aside from not actually having any) was that I figured that I had already put four awful days in, and I didn’t want to waste those crappy days and have to re-live them when I had to quit again. Tim actually contemplated whether it would be better to encourage me to smoke or to allow me to be the foul-mouthed, unpleasant person I became on Saturday. He fell down on the side of living with a snarky bi___ instead of wanting me to start smoking again. Points for Tim who had to survive me this weekend. It’s getting a little easier.

So now…off to spend some time with my lovely and fabulous family. Goody!!


One Response to “Home and Hearth”

  1. kjames said

    a WEEK!!! that’s awesome! way to go beth!

    i just got back from sledding at the neighbors and my ass has just defrosted. i was wondering if i could get the extra fat to freeze and fall off, then i wouldn’t have to pay for butt-reduction surgery. unfortunately, it just stayed on and got really really cold. sigh…

    sending them out into the snow is the best idea b/c not only are they old enough to be out there without you, it tires them out and just maybe they’ll go to bed early!

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