Quick update before Lost is on….

February 8, 2007

Thursday a.m. addition:  The doctor thinks that her blood counts look ok.  He thinks that she may feel so bad because her body is adjusting to this new strong medicine.  He didn’t give a time frame for how long she could expect to feel this way.  But the good new is that, so far, she’s tolerating the medicine — at least her blood counts haven’t gotten worse as a result.  So, thanks for the prayers.  Waiting and seeing…

Well, my mom is going to the oncologist tomorrow. He’s going to check her blood counts — both red and white I believe — and see where they’re at. It may give some indication as to whether or not she’s tolerating the medicine, and more importantly, it may give some indication of where she’s at with cancer-sickness in general. He said that she may need a transfusion. Man, she’s down right now. She hates to be sick — she’s a major DOER and when she can’t live life like she wants, she feels frustrated and hopeless.

So, my praying friends — please keep praying. Like Rich Nathan once said, more of God is always the answer. Or at least he said something really similar to this. Still, more of God, more of God, more of God.

A word rich in its Anglo-Saxon heritage seems appropriate to me right now. Maybe I need to learn to curse in other languages.

If I don’t smoke this week it will be a major miracle.

But right now, I’m going to get myself Lost (pun intended) and try to escape from reality for a bit.


2 Responses to “Quick update before Lost is on….”

  1. Deneen said

    Praying, praying, praying.

    And, for today’s language lesson, try “uff da” or the more expressive “uff da fieda”. I don’t think this is actually a curse, but more like a Scandinavian sigh along the lines of “oy vey”. I could be wrong though. Odin forgive my ignorance.

  2. Tim said

    Ach du lieber.

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