Immediate Prayer Request

February 5, 2007

Talked to my mom. She’s feeling really really sick. She just started the new medicine on Friday night and tiredness is a side effect. She also feels like she may be coming down with something. At this point, it’s difficult to separate medication-reaction sick from coming-down-with-something-sick (which could be extremely dangerous because of her compromised immune system) from cancer-sick…please, please pray that the medicine works and she feels better. Pray for her spirits, too, which sound like they could use some lifting. Thanks.

I’m scared.


5 Responses to “Immediate Prayer Request”

  1. Erica said

    Dear God,
    Please meet Beth and her mom in their fear and pain and tiredness and cancer, just meet them there and give them a very real awareness that your rod and your staff are there to comfort them as they walk through this valley of the shadow of death. Beat off those things and people that would steal their joy and rob their life, and pull them close to you with your staff so they feel hemmed in by your comfort and protection and strength as they walk this path.

    Please, Jesus. You’ve read this. See? They need you. Please.
    In your name I pray,

  2. Beth Koruna said

    Thanks Erica.

  3. kjames said

    i will pray for you and for her. if you need anything, please call me! even just to vent, okay?

  4. bethkoruna said

    I will do that when I need to, Karen (and I’ll probably need to!). I am going to call you anyway — we need to get together sometime soon. Miss seeing you.

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