Day to Day

February 2, 2007

“Any idiot can face a crisis. It’s the day to day living that wears you out.” Chekov

Ain’t it the truth? Crisis forces us to God because we recognize ourselves hopeless.

But your twins fighting over Game Cube? You kids complaining about homework? How about the relentless sameness of driving carpool? Nursing another stupid head cold?

Somehow we fool ourselves into thinking that we can manage all the day to day junk. We expect that the best we can do is to slog through the muck of everyday problems. It’s hardly like we expect triumph when we’re dealing with annoying co-workers, worrying over the electric bill or doing yet another load of laundry (I tried, really tried to get my family to buy into “Naked November” so that I could catch up on laundry once and for all — but as usual, they were immune to my great ideas).

But I have a theory here — by not relying on the Lord for the seemingly trivial stuff of our lives, we start to carry around low-grade infections of the spirit. Oh, it’s not anything dramatic where we spike a high fever and ache all over; it’s more like a runny nose or cough that never quite clears up. Maybe we have a short fuse with those in our family — that’s where I see my own lack of dependence on God. I get frustrated with the kids over dumb little things: like spilling a cup of milk or not putting shoes on the first (or the second or third??) time I ask. Negativity about life creeps in. “Why did that stupid driver cut me off?” “Why can’t the waiter be more polite?” “What’s wrong with X person that he can’t see my point of view?”

And what’s really wrong in the above situations? Me. On the most fundamental level, even when others around me are making poor choices, I am responsible for relying on God to give me the lenses through with to view people and life. Maybe this gets back to the “practicing the presence of God” idea — where we try to remember that He really is right here all the time and we should act as such. Does it seem silly to have a quick check-in with God while I’m using the straightening iron on my hair? Or when I start up the van to take the boys to afternoon kindergarten? Maybe I could ask God how to handle a recalcitrant kid in that exact moment instead of relying on my own patience (bad idea!) or my own schemes for getting him/her to comply.

God’s Word, the Body of Christ, sustained times of prayer — they’re all part of the stew here, I realize. But right now my goal is to invite the Lord into the most mundane of tasks — loading the dishwasher, folding clothes, helping with homework. Maybe all I will have time to do is utter a quick “Help!” (a prayer I’ve been told repeatedly is always answered), or maybe I will actually stop for a moment and ask Him, “How exactly would you like me to handle this situation?”

I look back on crises in my life and can say with certainty that God provided — His presence, His people, His sustaining love. Why should I not say the same about everyday life?


2 Responses to “Day to Day”

  1. Deneen said

    Speaking of the daily grind, I’m trying to spend a little quiet time this morning while my 7 year olds fight and bicker. We’re in Day 3 of our impromptu winter break…if that’s not day to day living, I don’t know what is. And its wearing me out.

    So I’m reading my updated edition of My Utmost for his Highest (the boys are fighting over a pencil on the stairs now, BTW), which I’m often not smart enough to get. But this morning, its a good word. And I get it. hmmmm.

    Anyway, the day’s entry (Feb. 7) ends thusly…
    “One of the most amazing revelations of God comes to us when we learn that it is in the everyday things of life that we realize the magnificent deity of Jesus Christ.”

    Do I hear an “Amen” ?

  2. Beth Koruna said

    Oh Amen Sister! When will they ever go back to school? Unfortunately, I was awake and alert (I mean, for me) before I realized that we don’t have school again. Poor Tracy…Delaware is only on a 2 hour delay…Wha?????

    They could poke their eyes out with that pencil, ya know…or I don’t know…maybe that’s an advantage?

    A funny picture for you? Me at the appointment with Spock with ALL THREE KIDS. What’s that reading again?

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