Insurance Woes

January 31, 2007

Okay, get this:  regarding some particular medical issues:  our Medical Plan (not unlike the Girl Scouts, insurance requires CAPitalization at times) might pay for some of the testing to achieve diagnosis, but they need to have a diagnosis first.  Um…what?  Pray for me as I fight “The MAN” and quite possibly “The WOMAN” today.  Yeah, I have unlimited hours to be on the phone, negotiate impenetrable phone trees and speak with people (often overseas where the connection is so bad that we can barely even hear one another) who give varying answers and ultimately make no commitment to pay a ding-dang thing.


3 Responses to “Insurance Woes”

  1. kjames said

    insurance companies seem to intentionally make things very difficult, my guess is that they hope you won’t take the time to go through all the steps and fight your way so you just pay for it youself. i really hope you can get them to pay for part of it at least.

  2. Beth Koruna said

    They don’t plan on anyone having persistence! Think again, suckah!!!!! 😀 Okay, perhaps I have some anger issues here….oh well, I’m going to use the anger for good.

  3. Deneen said

    May the Force be with you, young KorBeGib.

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