I am not worthy…

January 23, 2007

Tim, also known as First Cookie (or I like Andy’s Most Honorable Tagalong) has entered all the Cookie Data in a spread sheet. He’s a good, good man. Cookie Mom says a VERY PUBLIC THANK YOU to her ever-loving husband. Our troop sold over 1500 boxes. For those of you who know me: picture for a moment the size of my living room…wow, I say. Wow. Thanks to all who bought Cookies, and some of you even lied to me and said that my pressureful “You gotta buy Cookies, dammit, because I’m the Cookie Mom” tactics didn’t influence you at all, and that was very nice of you.

On a different note, a wonderful woman at church (I should probably ask her before I put her name out in a public forum!) has felt God put Abby on her heart. She wants to hang out with Abby, give Abby a sense of being someone special in the body of Christ, do crafty stuff with her. Do you know how incredibly blessed this makes me feel? My girl has had some tough days lately — but wow, God knows and God sees and God loves her more than I do (how is that even possible). I think Abby could really flourish in this kind of one-on-one relationship, and I’m not too proud to say that I’m glad of other believers coming alongside me in my parenting. Sooo cool.

Why do I still need constant reminding of His intimate knowledge and love of each of us? You would think one day I would just remember, and instead of getting all twisty-stomached, I would just say, “Yeah, God’s here. He’ll take care of this.”


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