A few prayer requests

January 20, 2007

Hey, no time to be eloquent, but today has brought with it some prayer needs.

  • A dear friend’s sister has found out that she has ovarian cancer. She was having surgery for what the doctor thought was a non-malignant growth on her ovary. Turns out it was cancer, which runs unfortunately rampant in their family. The doctor performed a complete hysterectomy; he thinks that the cancer is Stage 1 and that it was contained completely, but they won’t know until the results of biopsies. I don’t feel at liberty to give out her name, but I figure God knows, so please pray…for peace, His presence, His healing touch.
  • Tim’s sister, Julie, was in a three car accident this morning. She was rear-ended and the impact pushed the front of her car under the bumper of the car in front of her. She’s okay, but has had lots of serious back problems (surgeries and the like), so that’s a concern. She’s got some pain in her shoulders and I expect she’ll be sore as heck, but please pray that nothing more serious happens with her back.
  • My father is sick — some pain in his ribs and he’s coughing a lot, even coughing up a little blood. He’s going to urgent care. It sounds like pneumonia maybe? Whatever it is, please pray that he gets better quickly and that my mom doesn’t catch it.
  • Another dear friend’s father is dying of Alzheimer’s disease — the family expects him to pass away in the next few days. Please pray that God’s presence is tangible and His comfort sweet.

These are days when I eagerly await the kingdom of God…please pray that the kingdom breaks through in all these most imperfect situations. Thanks.


3 Responses to “A few prayer requests”

  1. Beth, I’m sorry. Praying.

  2. Tim said

    I don’t think I’ll steal any of Beth’s thunder if I post this little update while she’s out. No news on her dad or our old friend’s father. My sister is doing pretty well: she got checked out at an ER (at the insistence of her doctor, her parents and siblings, and virtually everyone she told about the accident) and has no fractures. She will, of course, have horrible muscular soreness, but it could have been way worse.

    Beth went to the hospital to pray w/ our friend diagnosed w/ cancer. From Beth’s update to me via cell phone, I think it was time very well spent. I’ll leave it to her if she updates on that any further here.

    Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.

  3. bethkoruna said

    Also an update — my dad has a sinus infection. Luckily, any coughed up blood was sinus drainage and not from his lungs. He’s on an antibiotic. Also, thankfully, a sinus infection is way less catching to my mom than various other stuff.

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