Grateful for my kids….

January 17, 2007

Because I was reflecting on the fact that I often use this blog as a forum to complain about my children and their various idiosyncrasies, I have decided to have one entry (and only one, by God) where I note the many wonderful qualities inherent in each of them. As a parent it is so easy to spend one’s entire allotted energy on the aspects of one’s children that prove frustrating or need to be “fixed.” But I think it’s also important to remember the infinite more they offer to my life and the world at large. To that end:


I have never met anyone more verbally creative than Abby. Or maybe more creative in general. This is a girl who is currently writing a book about a girl named Emma who discovers a magic door in Alley 54 (it’s the 4th alley on Fifth Avenue, she explained). In crossing the threshold of this door, Emma stumbles into a magical world where her fourth grade teacher is actually a unicorn and there exist bad guys “thinner than a broom.” Emma’s quest is to find the white flower that will save the magical land and ensure her passage back to her real world. Obviously, Abby reads like a fiend and feeds an already an incredible imagination.

Despite Abby’s introverted personality, the girl is funny. She constantly cracks jokes and can laugh at herself as well as anyone I know. She’s extremely spiritually sensitive, loves to worship God and can often hear His voice in any given situation. She has a heart for the least, the last and the lost and it wouldn’t surprise me if she became a missionary someday. Spiritual concepts — like grace and justice and sanctification — come to her so quickly that I’m often amazed.

It may take you a while to get to know Abby, but once you do, you’ll never shut her up. Her commitment to the people she loves is total. Make friends with Abby and you have a loyal friend for life.

My best memories with Abby involve being cuddled up together in my bed, each of us reading a book. She loves nothing more than simply spending time together — she’s rarely greedy for anything “new” or “better” — she appreciates the good things she already has. Our “girl times” are some of my favorite moments in my life.


Oh, my sweet little guy…other mothers love Rob because he is so incredibly kind to their little ones. At the age of 6, this kid already has a father’s heart. He pays attention and respects the needs of kids both his own age and younger.

He has an exuberance and humor through which he views all events in life. And he can roll with the punches — he is always my kid willing to give up his seat in the van for a sibling or willing to play the game a friend wants to play. He attracts people through his flexibility and willingness to listen.

Rob is a builder and fixer and sometimes, a taker-aparter. He always wants to know how everything works, how to take something apart and put it back together again. I often wonder how God will use this talent, but I anticipate never having to call a repair person to fix a household appliance!

He is the easiest child to correct because a stern look or word seems to break right through his heart. He wants to please and he needs lots of assurance that he is, in fact, forgiven after he makes a mistake. He is the first person in the family to say, “I love you,” out of the blue. What a gift that is. I have never seen a child light up like Rob does when his dad walks in the room. Being loved by Rob is pretty cool.


No matter what Dan approaches in life, he has a passion and a fervor unlike anyone I’ve ever known. Be it OSU football, Pokemon or playing soccer, Dan is 110% committed. Because of this, he can learn and retain absolutely anything he chooses. He’s the kid who can tell Tim and me how many rushing touchdowns a particular player has at any given point in the season.

This passion extends to his friends. Dan loves his friends and will literally jump up and down chanting their names before a play date. And Dan makes friends fast because he’s got the kind of charisma and openness that attracts others. Dan wears not just his heart, but his entire personality, on his sleeve, and others love to be around him. Know Dan two minutes and he can call you a friend.

Dan is my cuddler (although all my kids are physically affectionate). He will snuggle up next to me and somehow fit his little body into the exact curves of my body. Despite all his big boy pretensions, Dan is in many aspects, still my baby. And I suspect that a part of him relishes this role and that it will continue. Because he and I are so unalike in many ways, we compliment each other and find each other endlessly fascinating. I can see us being close all our lives, laughing together (and watching Buckeye games, of course) well into my old age.

Thanks for indulging me…just some stuff that needed saying.


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  1. They’re good. We like them.

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