As God as my witness…I’ll never have grouper again.

January 12, 2007

Had a lovely birthday dinner with lovely company last night (thanks John and Kori!).  After drinks, delicious appetizers, fabulous entrees and even a nip of dessert — I started feeling…notsogood.  You know how you try to talk yourself out of it?  “No, I can’t possibly be nauseated.  I’ve just had too much to eat.  It will pass in a minute.”

Well…we walked from the restaurant to Barnes & Noble, which as anyone who knows me will attest, is one of my favorite places in the world…something about the smell of coffee and new books.

Two minutes in and I had to excuse myself and Tim drove me home.

“Wow, you were with two of your favorite people away from the kids at a bookstore,” Tim said to me on the way home.  “I knew when you wanted to leave that it was serious.”

I won’t go into detail about the rest of the evening.  Or the middle of the night.

Truly, though, the evening was a wonderful surprise planned by Tim and John, and up until that last twenty minutes or so, I had a fabulous time.  And it will be a great story to cement our friendship, right?  “Remember the time Beth almost puked at Barnes & Noble?”

“Oh yeah, that was great!  Good, good times.”


6 Responses to “As God as my witness…I’ll never have grouper again.”

  1. john McCollum said





  2. bethkoruna said

    It’s not like it’s your fault! I choose to remember the BETTER parts of the evening.

    I really suspect something food-borne — but we all ate a little of everything, so I don’t think that makes complete sense. I still feel kinda yucky, but SO MUCH better today.

  3. Tim said

    Next year … vegan!

  4. erica said

    OH, I’m so sorry, but,
    this made me laugh.
    “Good, good times.”
    I’m still laughing.
    Oh, God help you, I’m so sorry. I hope it’s over. Dear God, heal her!
    he he he he he!

  5. I don’t think I ate the grouper.

    Tim, however, kept mentioning something about a cod piece.

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