January 9, 2007

Frittering away the last hour or so before the OSU-Florida game…a friend pointed out to me today that I get quiet, tense and grumpy before a big game. Heavens, that’s a little embarrassing because she’s totally right. I do feel tense about the game tonight, as if I can control the outcome somehow by my emotional state. And I have to keep my sh — together because my son is so desperate for us to win that I’ll have to scrape him off the floor if OSU loses. He is struggling in general with being a good sport in all areas of life, and likes to accuse the opposition of whatever he’s doing (a game at gym, his gameboy, playing with his brother) of CHEATING. (Not unlike the Girl Scouts, Dan tends to speak in all caps, albeit in a slightly higher ear-shattering pitch.) So I have to be a good example to him. I’ve already started saying things like, “You know, Dan, even if we lose tonight we’ve had a really good season.” And I believe that. I really do. But, in my utter fanaticism, I must admit that I really really want OSU to win a national championship.

Lord, I’m just a mini-van drivin’, Cookie sellin’, football lovin’ suburban soccer mom. Wow. Coolness is so far past me.


4 Responses to “”

  1. patti said

    hey beth! i didn’t know you had a blog till just now. cool! i’ll be visiting…

  2. Beth Koruna said


    So glad you found me! I have to call you about the pics. because I still want to order a bunch! I’ve got orders from everyone in the family.

    Dan is sooooooooooo sad — got him to bed before the final minutes of the game, luckily, so he didn’t have to watch Florida actually get the trophy. Just wait till Fisher and Tate are old enough to care…it’s fun when we win, but nosomuch when we lose!

    Oh well, there’s always another season!

  3. John McCollum said

    O – H – N – O!

  4. Tim said

    “There’s always next year”

    You know the song “Buckeye Battle Cry”? That *is* the Buckeye battle cry. Sigh. 1993. 1995. 1998 (Oh, ye gods, how that still smarts, losing to MSU), and now 2006. Oh well, the kids had to learn about this sooner or later.

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