And playing the part of Beth today….

December 22, 2006

Sometimes, I swear that God allows sickness to come upon me to slow-me-the-heck-down. I felt so mad at Him Monday night when it was clear that illness was descending upon me like a sudden thunderstorm. “Can’t you cut me a break?” I whined at Him, in the car on the way home from celebrating Christmas with my friend, Kathryn. If He replied, I couldn’t hear Him through my coughing. I went to bed that night and awoke the next morning all angsty and pissed at the world…went to the doctor who gave me an (another stronger) antibiotic and some good cough medicine. The sweet nurse at the office told me, “Honey, you’re just plain worn out. You have to get some rest these next few days.”

Tim stayed home Wednesday and got to be Daddy at the school Christmas parties, which actually entertained both him and the kids. I stayed home and slept and coughed and read. Today, my friend, Tracy, took the kids out and ran errands (a brave woman, certainly) while I stayed home and slept and coughed (a little less) and read. My friend, Deneen, keeps offering to help…and again, I realized that I’m pretty loved. I’m not indispensable to the running of the world, you know? God and the others have managed just fine without my interference these past few days. I’ve actually had a moment or two to reflect on the holidays without simply thinking how much I have left to wrap or what last minute items I need to buy. I feel calmer. Calmer about my mom and about Christmas in general. And in those wee parts of my brain and heart where I think I sometimes hear God, He seems to be saying, “See, daughter. I know you needed this.”

Only God Almighty could redeem bronchitis.


4 Responses to “And playing the part of Beth today….”

  1. john said

    We’re back in town now. If you need anything, let us know.

  2. Beth Koruna said

    Thanks for asking — I’m actually doing a lot better today. Still coughing up some stuff, but not (I hope) the scummy pond of contagion I have been.

    Do you have Asia’s Hope stuff we can put in an envelope for Tim’s parents? We want to donate $50 in their name. Maybe we could make the exchange (gosh, that sound nefarious) of cash and brochure stuff at the Christmas eve service?

    I assume we don’t have hg tonight….

  3. john said

    Yes. I think so. I have to get. It’s at my office… Can you call and remind me tomorrow?

  4. Beth Koruna said

    Don’t go to any big trouble for it! We can always give them more info. later if you can’t get it.

    One of us will call and remind you.


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