December 18, 2006

You know how sometimes your entire schedule of oh-so-important events can change in a moment? Something happens and you find yourself rewriting the next few days of your life.

Last night while I was out finishing Christmas shopping and doing the weekly Meijer trip (yeah, I have an exciting life — Saturday night at the grocery. It doesn’t get any better or sexier than that.), Abby fell at the bottom of the basement stairs (in a story that involves her somehow tangled up with her brother who was apparently chasing her, whereupon she hit her ankle on the door frame, she thinks??). However the injury occurred, she cried for a bit, Tim carried her upstairs and into her room. Her best friend was spending the night and the girls were playing computer games and drawing in Abby’s room when I got home.

As we unloaded the groceries, Tim told me that Abby had “banged up” her ankle and wanted to see Mommy. He had iced the ankle initially and said that it didn’t seem swollen or red at the time. So the worst was past.


When I entered Abby’s room I saw that she had her leg propped up on her sleeping bag. And her ankle looked like a tomato.


I knew in a moment of complete clarity: we needed an X-ray, probably that night. We would not be going to church in the morning. She would not play in the park on what proved to be a beautiful spring-like afternoon. I would drive her to school Monday morning instead of sending her with our carpool friend so that I could help her with her backpack and potential crutches.

All of this has been borne out. We went to St. Ann’s (at a painful 11:45 pm with her best friend and her mom, my dear friend). Luckily, the ankle is not broken, only sprained. She’s already beginning to limp around without the crutches. She should be back to normal by the end of the week.

So not a major rewrite. Thankfully.


2 Responses to “Rewrite”

  1. Meredith said

    Oh dear. Poor little girl. I hope she’s okay soon.

    I like your metaphor of “rewriting”–that’s exactly how a lot of my life is!

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