December 15, 2006

Relapse. Abby is studying prefixes and suffixes at school and she knows that “re” means again. And so again we head toward treatment for my mom’s cancer. Unbelievably, the James has misplaced (?) her myeloma protein count, but based on how far up her IGG monoclonal protein (oh yeah, you learn a lot of stuff you don’t want to know when someone you love is sick) climbed, the doctor believes that treatment should be imminent. So my mom makes another appointment to discuss in detail the treatment options (shouldn’t there be a better word for this than “options”?), but the probable course of treatment will be taking a drug called Revlimid. There’s a lot of stuff on the web about this drug, but this site always has the most updated, if a bit technical, information. Plus, the people there have been wonderfully helpful.

Things to be thankful for:

  • My mom still feels pretty well right now.
  • The doctor’s decision to start treatment is most certainly wise, because this cancer can take a relatively well-feeling person and turn her sick unto death in a few short months.
  • The James is as good as it probably gets (lost blood result notwithstanding). Nowhere is good when we’re talking about being treated for cancer, but new research about multiple myeloma is being conducted all the time at the James.
  • My mom’s doctor seems both sensible and kind.
  • My mom is so loved that her sister called her twice and her best friend called her twice yesterday while we all awaited the results.
  • My husband had a chance to go out and hang out with friends last night, and he opted to stay home so that he could uncork the wine bottle for me (and I’m not speaking metaphorically here!).
  • God is with us. No matter how many times I hear Immanuel this season, this fact bears repeating.
  • Lots of people are praying and I thank you guys.

When my mom first got diagnosed, I went to a cancer store at St. Ann’s Hospital to pick up bracelets for me and the kids. Tim said that he wasn’t a bracelet kind of guy, but he picked up a cap that proclaims the great truth: “Cancer Sucks.” I couldn’t have said it better.


2 Responses to “”

  1. lorie said

    i’m so, so, so, so, SO sorry, beth. i will be praying…

    i’m sure tim looks good in the cap. truth, indeed. but the greater truth is this: cancer sucks, but god is good. can he sew that on the bottom?

  2. bethkoruna said

    Neither of us is much of a sewer (or would that be embroidery)? 😀

    But you’re right. He keeps telling me that He is enough. He has to be.

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