me, sick

December 9, 2006

Head cold turns to a coughing sinus implosion. I have no voice (some may say that’s good). My throat feels as though three small razor blades have been inserted and are rubbing together. Someone apparently stuffed a tube sock up my nose and into my head. Good times, good times.

Thank God for antibiotics.


2 Responses to “me, sick”

  1. AndyWhitman said

    My aunt and uncle live in Mesick, Michigan. That’s an actual town.

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Beth. I recommend prayer and chicken soup and antibiotics. I’ll promise to do number one, and can help with number two if you’d like. You’re on your own for number three.

  2. kjames said

    oh no! i hope you’re feeling better soon. i’m coming down with something, as i have the beginnings of a sore throat lurking about.

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