Tuesday, continued

November 29, 2006

Nothing major to report. Got BOTH boys to dance, got Abby to dance. Re-discovered that a bad day can be turned somewhat better by fun food. I have not shot out the television and have tried to enjoy my offspring a bit (as well as be a bit enjoyable myself). I continue to whittle away my Christmas list — took inventory of what’s been bought for everyone and what still requires purchasing. A person different than I would be busy putting together hand made Christmas gifts…me not so much.  Got together the scholastic book order for the kindergarten class, being as I have the auspicious title of Book Mom.

Trash came and picked up that chair.  I suppose it would have been tacky to drag it into my living room.  Oh well.

A day beautifully mired in the ordinary.  Not such a bad thing after all.


2 Responses to “Tuesday, continued”

  1. Tim Koruna said

    I, for one, would have been happy to drag the chair across the street. Maybe I could have traded them the old 386 computer case I stacked with the trash this morning.

  2. kjames said

    next time? trash pick the chair!

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